dps low

Things to do once you've hit the max level cap.
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dps low

Post by magerdamage »

heres eqplayers http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/chara ... 8088802402

can't seem to break 5k ish dps. can anyone see any aa's i need or such. and do the aa's that make me look like our pets help at all?
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Re: dps low

Post by Sillaen »

How long are the fights we're talking about?

Just a glance at your AA's. You need to finish Fire Core for yourself, then finish Frenzied Burnout and get extended burnout for your pet.

Also, if you're not parsing yourself, try and do that because 5K seems really low. I parsed 9Kish over 1 minute on a named yesterday without activating a single AA for myself or pet. Just regular air pet and me nuking.
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Re: dps low

Post by Voragath »

It's more than just gear. There are several variables. Fight length, mob type, spells used, group mob or raid mob, burn, duration, which raid boss (Beast would be a bad one to parse, for example), etc.

Just looking at aa's, in addition to what Sillaen said: you need to finish up servant of ro and host, get hastened versions of both, finish up quick damage, and hastened burnout. Are you running out of mana? That could be an issue too as I noticed you don't have any of your GoM line for your level done yet. I'll mention fire core again because at the level you have it at, it's not working at all on your spells; you need the level we got in HoT for it to work on HoT spells. Are you clicking your BP as it refreshes? Do you have the OOW robe?

What is your typical weave? If it's raid, are you using twincast (NOT the improved one) every time it's up? Using RS? What do you use in a burn weave? Are you using first or second spire? How long are the fights you are parsing? When you cast twincast, what spells do you cast? Are you using Force of Elements as it refreshes and during global cooldown? Do you keep up your pet aura (which helps the RS and host of the elements)?

Your weave should include RS. With pet and RS you should be doing about 4k if not more easy. Throw in your nukes and you should be hitting 6k np. In groups, slacking (I box a bard for pulls) and mashing my multibind, I cruise at an easy 7k. Based on just gear and aa's, I'd say you aren't using RS to save on mana and that's hurting you alot.
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Re: dps low

Post by Failcon »

Are you using a multi-bind key. That alone will hit 5k w/o pets. Also what is the order of your spells in your multi-bind.

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