Recommend zone for AAs

Things to do once you've hit the max level cap.
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Re: Recommend zone for AAs

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The quest for the clicky teleporter item is Gyrospire Relocation Research. It's a fairly rough quest. The first part of getting all the gyroscopes isn't that bad (SHIP is a little annoying, but the rest are pretty easy), but the calibration clicks will need either a full group or some creativity. I had a group of 4 players and two mercs plow through beza for those clicks. For zeka me and a pally use a combination of mage FD (read: I train to a safe spot with my cleric merc on passive and then switch her to balanced right before I die and then have her rez me), corpse drags from the pally (when mage FD fails), and CoH (to bring the pally up to the next safe spot when mage FD works) to get my clicks in there. Was rough, but in retrospect I'm glad I did it, since no only is it nice to be able to port directly to the roof of beza or zeka for killing purposes, it also puts me just a zone away from DSH if I ever need to go there. Click, invis, jump off, and you're in DSH. Just make sure you can survive the falls.
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