Essence Farming

Things to do once you've hit the max level cap.
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Re: Essence Farming

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Jaytee wrote:I just got the pet guard/back off enrage thing down. Works like a charm and I finally have a use for that previously useless (to me) pet window. I just have to ge where I remember to turn guard off and follow on when done because more than once I have killed the named, looted and then ran off to find something else and click pet attack while nothing happens as pet is back at the last spot diligently guarding....nothing.
That is what the pet summoning AA is for.
It is INSTA cast.
I use it all the time while running on my horse or if i have my pet out of position or with Grounded stance on.
As long as your pet does not have agro it works. You can have agro and still call your pet.
You can target a mob and tell your /pet attack, even witht he pet OOR.
Run in range or pull the mob.
Hit the Summon Companion and your pet will be with you instantly, running forward to attack the mob.

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Re: Essence Farming

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Merlaina wrote:Is there a slash command for pet stop? Like, oh, I don't know... /pet stop or /pet stop on? Seems to me it wouldn't be too hard to make an enrage button if so:

/pet stop on
/pause 100
/pet stop off

That would save you from leaving a pet parked behind (god knows I do it too, and I'm sure if we took a poll more mages have then haven't).

Unless something has changed recently, you can't execute any commands/spells/etc during a /pause, not too fun watching helplessly for 10 sec. As for toggling /pet stop, I can't help you there, /pet hold (on), /pet guard/, /pet back off has worked fine for years so personally haven't seen an excuse to try it. Can't say I've ever left a pet anywhere, my attack key looks like:

/pet hold off
/pet kill
/pet kill <lag>
/pause 3
/pet follow

Back off key:

/pet hold on
/pet back off
/pet back off <lag>
/hidec all

I never did figure out the new hold mode, so this might look a bit odd but /shrug. I have a second kill key for groups (removes the follow command and adds alt activate companions relocation for rogue'ing).

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