LUCLIN Video, part 3 coming soon !

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LUCLIN Video, part 3 coming soon !

Post by Adonhiram »

Hello Danille and all fellow mages !

I took a 3 months afk from EQ and TLP servers, but I have been back for several weeks now. I resumed my work on the video clips to finish that damned project. The third clip will have three parts :
- Alternate Advancement
- Porn in EQ (yay!)
- Darkwind (some propaganda for my guild)

And because you have been my fellow mages for 17 years now (I started in 2000), I'll let you have the exclusivity of the two first parts and a preview of the third part :

Alternate Advancement :

Pornography :

Preview of the Darkwind sequence :

I hope you all are well on the live servers ;-)

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