Adon back in game on Ragefire (TLP)

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Adon back in game on Ragefire (TLP)

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Elemental Greetings, fellow mages ! After a 18 months break (on Ragefire, that means missing DoD to TBS), I have come back, EQ will always be a part of my life, and being a mage will always be a part of my gaming identity :!:

So just a friendly /wave to all mages still playing, on live or on TLPs.

I will restart writing articles for the TLP section. New TLP servers restarting from scratch in Classic have been annouced, once more, so the TLP section will get, I hope, some more new visits. Also it's long overdue to me to produce a paper about the Raging Servant line - in DoD, a mages life changes, I need to write something about it.

See you soon, I will try to join the serverwide magicians channel and the discord server.

Pets of all nations, unite :mrgreen:
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