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Pet Commands

Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:12 am

The Pet Info Window is open by default which you can change in the Options menu (Alt+O) by selecting "Pet Window Auto-Popup". It is designed to help characters with pets by providing a single window for pet information and commands.

At the top of the window will be the name of the pet (or No Pet if you have no pet). Below that is a gauge that represents the pet's health and below that, the pet's target (if it has one), and the target's health.

Under the health bars are the command buttons that activate the most common pet commands. On the right side the Buff window will show the current buffs and effects that are currently on your pet.


The /pet [command] - gives orders to a charmed or summoned pet. Several new commands were recently added, and a few older ones removed. Some sample pet commands:

/pet attack [target] - tells the pet to attack the designated target.

/pet back off - tells the pet to stop its attack.

/pet follow - tells the pet to follow you, but ends when you cross a zone line.

/pet guard - tells the pet to guard its current location.

/pet get lost - will dismiss a pet. /pet leave also works.

/pet ghold on - greater hold state (ghold). Greater hold is granted by pet discipline. It works very much like regular hold except that regular hold allows opponents to be added to the pet's hate list when the pet already has opponents on its list. Greater hold only allows NPCs you specifically add via attack or qattack to be added to its hate list. Hold and ghold are mutually exclusive.

Pet hold (normal) means it won't attack until told. Once it attacks, anything aggroing the pet gets on the list and pet keeps going until you hit regroup (back only calls it back until it gets reaggro'd).

Greater hold means it won't attack until told AND it will come back after it has killed that mob. There is a caveat: if you tell it to attack another mob before the 1st has died, it will attack mob 2 and continue until mob 2 dies, then GO BACK to mob 1. This list is infinite and it will go to the next mob each time you tell it to attack. This is what you should be using if you want your pet to come back after the mob is dead without hitting another key. If you accidentally build up a hatelist, just hit pet regroup until you have a mob you want to kill then hit pet attack.

So what use is pet back? I use it if I'm switching targets permanently. A good example is Tjudawos in cryst. Initially, he's a burn until 80%(?) then adds spawn the rest of the event. So, I have ghold on, pet goes in to named during burn period but after that I have to switch to killing adds. If I don't use pet back, he will go back to Tjudawos after each add dies. I have a reason not to want this so once the adds spawn, I hit pet back and go about my business.

Pet Regroup is what you use if you want your pet to come back whether something is beating on it or not. It's a toggle so it is NOT clearing the hatelist. What it does is make your pet come to you no matter what. Hit back to clear the hatelist, hit attack to turn off pet regroup and make it attack a new (or the same) target, or hit regroup again to turn off the toggle and pet will go back to killing the target(s) on its hatelist.

In addition, there are some commands which can be used on any pet targeted by players other than just the owner. The /pet leader command can be used on any pet targeted, in order to determine the pets owner, while /pet report health, will make any pet report its health percentage.

There are also several empty hotkeys in the pet window, which can be right clicked, and provide a menu of pet commands to choose from, in order to set up additional pet command keys.
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Re: Done - Pet Commands

Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:37 pm

/pet swarm
Requires Pet Discipline 4
Will command your swarm pets (Host of Elements, Servants etc) to attack your current target

/pet qswarm
Requires Pet Discipline 4
Will add your current target to the swarm pets hate list.

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