The fixed beam on test

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The fixed beam on test

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October 21, 2014

*** Items ***

- You can now loot a single item out of a no drop stack if you have no drop loot confirmations turned on.
- Using the bandolier to swap between a dual wield setup and a ranged weapon setup will no longer cause items to disappear if your inventory is full.
- Corrected an issue where bane damage on weapons was not properly applying to the proper races.
- Top Tier items from Call of the Forsaken have had their focus effect caps extended to level 103 (Test note: spell haste, duration, range, and mana preservation are missing from this build).
- Adjusted the way that the Melodious Befuddlement effect from Melodious Truncheon is resisted.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Heroic Adventures now have a six hour lockout upon completion.
- A Cunning Plan - Looting a key in this raid should once again give you access to battle the Architect and the Monarch.

*** Spells ***

- Druid - Fixed an error that wasn't allowing the spell Savage Spirit to be memorized or cast.
- Druid - Nurturing Growth can no longer have its duration extended by focus effects, but should still prevent itself from being cast again for its duration. Reduced the cast time to 3 seconds since this also can no longer be focused.
- Druid - Skin to Seedlings now works on incoming damage spells up to level 105.
- Enchanter - Baffler's Aura, Arctender's Aura/Echo, and Mastermind's Aura/Echo will now increase endurance regeneration as intended.
- Increased the total number of spell book pages from 90 to 100.
- /tgb will now work with mercenaries.
- Beam spells should no longer incorrectly count corpses in their total number of valid targets.

*** AA ***

- Monk - Added modifiers to Dragon Punch and Eagle Strike to the Two-Fingered Wasp Touch ability. Reduced the damage debuff that is applied to targeted enemies.
- Warrior - Changed Phalanx of One to an activated but very long duration ability to resolve unintended stacking issues with other disciplines.
- Wizard - Removed the mana penalty from Arcane Fury to resolve a stacking issue with Prolonged Destruction.
- Added a new tab to the AA window for spell-specific focuses if your class has them.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Increased the max buy line amount to 2,000,000 from 1,000,000 plat.
- Fixed an issue where petamorph or metamorph illusions were not properly scaling to the correct height.

*** UI ***

- Increased the maximum number of extended targets you can have. You must obtain new ranks of the Eyes Wide Open AAs to utilize them.
- Added an "Achievements" button to the inventory window.
- Removed the option to forward in-game e-mail to the out of game e-mail address on a player's Station Account.
- Added many new drag item icons.

- Changed -
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