LVL 65-70 and AAs w/o Merc

Levels 1 - 95.
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Re: LVL 65-70 and AAs w/o Merc

Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:27 am

65 to 70 I spent in Plane of Tactics, the Hole (uber), and Paw. Well come to think of it I needed the 71 air pet to handle Paw solo. Once you get your AAs up there (theft of essence and pet tanking AAs) the world becomes your playground. Well, the old expansions anyways. The new ones (SoD and up) hit like trucks! I enjoyed WoS and RSS, but those were inherantly dangerous and I did have to gate out.

You're best off in PoP and OoW. Try out DSH animals maybe?
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Re: LVL 65-70 and AAs w/o Merc

Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:21 pm

Vincentt wrote:Try out DSH animals maybe?
Guys, don't forget that the OP said he's on fippy darkpaw which means that he won't have expansions like SoF for doing DSH, etc. I can't check the timeline at work, but if the level cap is 70 than that means he won't be able to get to any zones that are part of TSS or later expansions (and possibly not even DoDH, or PoR either depending where they're at).

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