Returning Player.. 85 Heroic Mage.. Need LOTS of Help PLZ!?

Levels 1 - 95.
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Returning Player.. 85 Heroic Mage.. Need LOTS of Help PLZ!?

Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:53 pm

Hello everyone!

I have just returned from not playing since 2007. After talking in general chat for a while, I finally decided I would use my free Heroic upgrade on a Mage. The only issue now? I'm lost!

So this is some info I am looking for
- As a brand new 85 Mage with all this Heroic gear and AA's, what should my spell line up be if I'm looking to solo content?
- What utility does a Mage bring to the table for groups? Other than Damage of course.
- What buff's can I provide myself and my pet?
- I am a Gnome Mage, are there any recommended Trade Skills I should use?
- As a lvl 85 Mage, what is one of the easier ways for me to bring in Plat to fund my character's progression?
- Can you provide me with any hints, tips, shortcuts, etc... to make the life of a Mage more streamlined?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance! I greatly appreciate it :)
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Re: Returning Player.. 85 Heroic Mage.. Need LOTS of Help PL

Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:19 pm

You'll want at least twincast, rumbling servant, fickle blaze, bolt of molten scoria, renewal of cadwin, promised rejuvenation, and thaumatize pet for your spell lineup. You may want to have aegis of kildrukaun and malosenea up as well. That's about all I can remember for spells related to solo back then. Buffs are the usual for you and pet: Shield of the void, fire DS (brimstoneskin), burnout viii, empyrean guardian, iceflame efflux, prime symbiosis, arcane distillect (this is an aura), and shield of the void. At that level I liked to keep hulking bodyguard on me while soloing.

As to solo'ing spots, that's hard to tell. Most at that level are gear/aa/skill dependent. Some are better for plat farming and some better for xp farming. I'll leave those suggestions to others because it has been a few years since I was at that level and I'm not sure about the heroic gear and what aa's heroic toons start with.

As to aa's, look on the left for "EQAA Magician List" and that's a link to all of our AA's, what they do, their cost, etc. It is also sortable by level, among other sort filters.

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