Making my duo a trio

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Re: Making my duo a trio

Post by Felinya »

I never run out of mana on my mage when I'm grinding. The necro doesn't waste the time on the mana feed unless it's taking longer to drop a mob or a rooted mob mana battery. It just slows the killing time a little so I typically do not even mem the spell. I'm all about efficient dmg so rains from Mage and quick dots on necro with pets. Stuff dies pretty darn fast with this combo. Using the mage for per tank (send in pet, debuff, hot key for two rains and servant on GoM's on separate key) and necro for loading dots, pet swarm snare, and pulling.

Burning mobs, obviously I use the mage to melt anything that needs melting but necro does a great job of that too but obviously much less.

Can't suggest enough that mage/necro combo is the best possible duo. IMHO
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Re: Making my duo a trio

Post by Cuedymage »

Back in my day I used to do chanter/mage duo. There were limitations of course but we had a lot of success.
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Re: Making my duo a trio

Post by Xabumtik »

I used to duo with a Mage/Druid combo. This was long before mercs. The druid could keep the pet alive while adding DPS and snare, I miss having someone snare.
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