Recently Returned after 3 years

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Recently Returned after 3 years

Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:43 pm

I recently returned to EQ after a 3 year leave. I am working on my Mage (84th go to 85) soloing in Ashen Gates. With the Air Pet, I can gain 10 to 12% Regular EXP with lesson (at 90% to Reg EXP). The question I have is which is the better tank pet. Aspect of Air (81st lvl spell) or Aspect of Earth (84th lvl spell). I get regular buffs from GL and give them the summoned weapons (83rd lvl). Working on both lvl (until 85 and AA) and I know the route for AG so I am not looking to change zones atm. Just looking for info about the best tank pet for the current lvl. Future info upto 95th lvl would be great, or is just what I am comfortable with?

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Re: Recently Returned after 3 years

Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:52 pm

Welcome back! :)

Since the initial air pet nerf earth is typically your best pet if you are soloing or moloing. They reverted 1/2 of the nerf though so the pet now stuns mobs three levels above level cap. (previously it was 5 levels higher for most of EQ history, then 0 levels for 2 expansions, now 3 levels higher).

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