Group help on Saryrn/Bertox

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Group help on Saryrn/Bertox

Post by Tweelis »

So a friend told me the top of Beza and Zeka was a great spot to grind lesson burns. After linking me his relocation device I decided to look into doing the quest. Well, I have all but the Zeka locations to get to. Last night Quey and I did our best to get up there but it was just a bit too hectic for us. I'm willing to help anybody on Saryrn with this task up to the point where I'm at then we could finish up the Zeka part together. Getting the ground spawns will take around an hour or so. Getting to the top of Beza will take another hour or so depending on the dps in our group.

If this turns out to be a one shot deal then so be it but if a regular grouping happens then all the better. I'm usually online around 8:00-8:30 pacific and play for 60-90 minutes. Shoot me a tell in game or leave a message here if you're willing to help or would like to get your own toy. Here's Alla's quest write-up in case you're interested. ... quest=4906" onclick=";return false;
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