HoT group progression on Saryrn/Bertox

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HoT group progression on Saryrn/Bertox

Post by Tweelis »

I've slowly been working on House of Thule progression myself with some help from guildies. However most of my guildies have outpaced me by a longshot and are getting tired of doing the same mission over and over and over and over for us slower progressors. So here I am seeing if anybody else is a slow progressor and would like to knock out some HoT stuff with me.

So far I've done
An Expedition Gone Awry and
Uncovering the Truth
and will be done with A Cursed Cure tonight or tomorrow night

I've also done Fall of the Tae Ew.

I'm willing to help with doing quests/tasks again to get you caught up if you wish. My usual playtimes are around 8:30-9:30 pacific time; sometimes earlier and rarely later.
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