Hellfire Club - high end raiding on Cazic Thule

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Hellfire Club - high end raiding on Cazic Thule

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http://thehellfire.net - Hellfire Club is a high end raid guild on CT, raiding 4 days a week:
Wednesday and Friday, 8pm - 11pm EST
Saturday and Sunday, 1pm - 5pm-6pm EST

we are currently working through farming Sepulcher.
we're not a bleeding edge guild in competition for cross-server firsts, but we are in the top 20 of progression guilds in EQ currently, and have been first in progression on the CT server for many years.

we're not terribly rigid about this, but as we are doing higher end content we necessarily need people 'physically' capable of handling the content we're on.
as such, we expect at least 2.5k AAs and a full set of (or equivalent) of VOA T4 group armor.

our current recruitment goals as of 8/22/2012:

We have a high priority need for 1 or more of the following classes:

We’d really like to see at least one more:

We are open to applications from all other classes not listed, except rogues and shadowknights (whom we have a plethora of).

Extremely relaxed attendance requirements for a guild at our tier (far as i've seen of other guilds, anyways) - we are one of the top 15 guilds for progression across all servers, but with a 4 day a week evening raid schedule.
Moderately drama free guild - i'll be honest, there's the usual back-biting that tends to pop up in most raiding guilds, but it usually never seems to interfere with the actual raiding itself.

Guild tends to be rather cliqueish, there isn't a ton of 'hey who wants to group' type action going on in guild chat, so a small bit of effort is needed to network a group of people you hang out with - you can get people to group with if you seek it out, it's just not going on openly all the time.

cazic.tearsin (recruitment officer)
cazic.vaela (general officer)
cazic.laedyinya (sweet cheeks - tell her i said that)
cazic.vraa (raid leader)
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