Bristlebane - Circle of Legends Recruiting!

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Bristlebane - Circle of Legends Recruiting!

Post by Barper »

Hello all!

We've recently revived a classic 1999 Bristlebane Raiding Guild: Circle of Legends. For a few months we were in TOV and Tier 1 RoF but have recently surged through T2, T3, and are currently farming T4 RoF and starting into T1 CotF. We're a 2 night-a-week raid guild with raiding times at 7pm PST Friday, and 6pm PST Saturday. Raid attendance is not mandatory, but if you're online and we're raiding your attendance is strongly encouraged. Loot is assigned by guild leader based on attendance, performance, and class.

We're a little light on DPS casters at the present time but have a strong core of competent players who don't want raiding to take the commitment of a second job, and to be able to raid in a drama-free environment.

Please apply at and/or contact any member or officer in game!

Guild Leader: Siouxe
Officers: Ruven, Ragnoroth, Etuinka, Rimaraf, Barper, Sargtlin

Thanks for your time and consideration!
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