How to get rid of Malo-line debuffs before Radiant Cure AA

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How to get rid of Malo-line debuffs before Radiant Cure AA

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You in Kunark era hunting in Sebilis and you get constantly maloed by the froggy shamans ? No problem, you can get rid of it without dispelling all your buffs. This applies to all eras for the whole mage and shammy Malo/Malosinia line. Here a summary of a discussion we had on the official forums.

All debuffs of the Malo line (they all lower your MR/FR/CR/PR, only disease ist not affected) check against your magic resistance, except the level 60 unresistable ones (shammy Malo and Malis, mage Mala) and have no counter, unlike Tash for example which has a poison counter and can be cured by Cure Poison spells. This means they can be dispelled with the Cancel magic line.

To easily dispel a Malo debuff without annulling part or all of your buffs, you just need to make sure it lands in your first buff slot and then use your low level Cancel Magic to get rid of it. But unlike other debuffs or dots, Malo will not go in the first free slot and keeping your first buff slot empty will not help in this case.

The Malo line will overwrite the first resistance debuff it meets if you failed your MR check and get hit. For some reasons which are linked to the position of the effect in the spell description (remember mathemagics with Lucy...), it works better with fire and cold resistance buffs, but it won't with damage shields which have a secondary resistance buff effect, as mage DSes.

Best way to do this is to use the fire resistance buff the Firesprite Familiar gives (you can keep the buff and get rid of the annoying pet model which does nothing). Have your first buff slot open, use the Firesprite clicky, the buff will go in the first slot.

If a debuff of the Malo line hits you, it will overwrite first that Firesprite buff as it is the first it will "meet" when looking if there is a resistance buff to overwrite (if it doesn't find a resist buff, it will just go in the first available buff slot). Than you just need to cast Cancel Magic on you, and voila, Malo dispelled.

That way, your other important resist buffs won't be overwritten, even if Malo lands on you.

If you are not a caster class, ask your local mage to summon you a Staff of Runes, it has 1 charge of dispel magic, insta right-clickable from inventory.

If you don't wish to buy the Firesprite (250 DC) or don't have access to it, try a minor fire/cold resistance buff in the first buff slot, should work too, just try to chose a buff whose effect position match to Malo line spells so you are sure it is the one which gets overwritten, for example Malaisement :

2: Decrease Cold Resist by 20 (L32) to 60 (L41)
3: Decrease Magic Resist by 20 (L32) to 60 (L41)
4: Decrease Poison Resist by 20 (L32) to 60 (L41)
5: Decrease Fire Resist by 20 (L32) to 60 (L41)

The Firesprite familiar works perfectly thanks to the position of the FR part :

1: Summon Familiar: FamiliarFiresprite
5: Increase Fire Resist by 40

Endure Cold, thinking of Dranix as SK, won't work I guess, because :

1: Increase Cold Resist by 11 (L1) to 30 (L11)

Elemental Armor/Shield line works too :

2: Increase Cold Resist by 15 (L41) to 45 (L31)
4: Increase Fire Resist by 15 (L41) to 45 (L31)

Until Luclin, this is the only way to get rid of it without losing all buffs.
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