Epic 1.0 Checklist

Magician related/specific quests.
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Re: Epic 1.0 Checklist

Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:47 am

When I did it I think I probably camped the Blazing Elementals for about 30 hours total before someone told me the lava elemental in the gnome castle may drop it also, so I tried it out and got it from there in about an hour.

I remember myself and another mage in my guild killed Neh'Ashiir about 30 times total before we each got a torch. Quillmane I ended up caving and paying for a MQ after countless hours of camping.

We did Plane of Sky back when it was still really hard and it was a week long raid including clearing the 7th isle 4 times to get 3 crowns (I think it dropped 1 the first day, 0 the second, 1 the third, and something crazy like 5 on the 5th day). I got extremely lucky on Plane of Hate and got it off a Innoruuk kill on a server back when it still dropped there. The water staff I got off Phingel when I was only like level 49 and didn't even really know what the mage epic was.

It's really hard to guess how many hours I poured into that quest, but there was an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction and excitement when I actually finished it, made even moreso that myself and another mage in my guild finished it at the same time, and there was very few on the server at the time.
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Re: Epic 1.0 Checklist

Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:56 am

The only bad part of the 1.5 is trying to trigger the one in the Causeway - the rest is fairly easy.

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