Camping your shrink wand in the Deep

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Camping your shrink wand in the Deep

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I copied this from Allakhazam as Ragefire entered Luclin era. Till very late expansions and shrink AA, it's your only bet beside the Ant ring from Vex Thal to shrink yourself, which will be asked by your raidleader for sure. Credit goes to Twifall. I added a map made by Falarye from RZ server as the link provided in the Alla post was dead. I edited the jpg to add Koxiux's spawn point but I did it by memory, correct me if I am wrong.
Twifall wrote
The Camp Spot
-247, 2276, -70
This is behind the three in the tunnel, in front of our main goal. It is to the left of the large pillar extending up into the ceiling. This spot is relatively safe. Wandering a few feet either way will aggro a mob either in front of you, or behind you. Play smart, and play safe.

The Map and Getting There
Take the Invisible Bridge, go south until the first right, enter the tunnel. Follow the tunnel until you can go North, all the way up. Turn Left. Follow the top path until there aren't any other turns or options on the way to Koxiux the Imperceptible.


Warning: These mobs are not mezz'able, nor are they charm'able.

In general, I found myself being hit for between 10 and 168 hit points. My Armor Class is 858 without buffs.

"a thought horror" is an enchanter that will happily cast Howl of Tashania, Discordant Mind, Immobilize, Invoke Fear, with a lower chance of dispell. Luckily, as all enchanters do, this mob has a low HP.

"a thought horror evoker" is a wizard and will cast the general line of wizard spells - fire nukes, ice nukes, magic nukes, the occassional root, and a rare dispell.

"a horror gaurd" is your standard melee mob, unable to cast with a noticably higher HP than the caster mobs you will encounter.

"a thought horror spiriter" is a necromancer that seems to favor "root" with an infrequent "ignite bones", "chilling embrace", "asystole" or "incinerate bones". He's not very quick to summon a pet, like the thought horror, so I've never given him a chance to do it.

Koxiux is a wizard, and spawns in front of the blueish rock like in the screenshot, at location neg 284, pos 2369. Any of the other mob types listed above can be placeholders.

Almost any mob in this dungeon can spawn as a see invis mob randomly. To get to this camp without fighting you will either have to have some way to ditch agro or to Pacify or be very lucky. If not, be prepared to fight your way through some spots. Con everything and plan accordingly. Start in fully buffed and with your battle spell set memmed. You really probably want to avoid the elder thought horrors that are south of the hallway leading to Koxiux. They are much higher level than the trash around them and hit much harder. When coming to camp the wand, come from the North.

15 minutes or very close is the respawn timer for these mobs.

Nothing here summons.

Koxiux is immune to Snare/Root spells but trash mobs are not. Everything is stunnable.

Koxiux is immune to Pacify spells but trash mobs are not.

I've soloed this camp with a 60 Paladin. Using invis potions, Pacify and fighting when needed to get to the camp. Pacifying to break camps, stopping runners with chain stuns and rooting. Potions make it easier but shouldn't be necessary.

The enchanter mobs haste everyone around them. Pulling with Dispell isn't a bad idea here. The necromancer mobs will heal mobs near them, which can get annoying.
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