LOTD for getting AAs at 115

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LOTD for getting AAs at 115

Post by Nimbuz »

What are some good solo spots for LOTD for at level 115?
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Re: LOTD for getting AAs at 115

Post by Sancus »

Personally, I usually do a lesson burn in Crystal Caverns. I use a water pet and no merc, and I work down the northern tunnel from the city (Froststone). Nearly all of the geonids are single, as are some of the terrors once you exit that tunnel. I usually have just enough mobs to last until the first pathing geonid respawns.

I'm not sure if Sathir's Tomb is still decent at this point. In ToV I've generally found I need to not use a merc to gain XP at a reasonable rate given my kill rate. Great Divide and Eastern Wastes are also likely option. Thus far I haven't found a great spot in those zones that is sufficiently dense that I don't have to waste time running but not so dense that I have to fight too many pulls of multiples (which is not trivial with a water pet and no merc).

I rarely do solo lesson burns, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were better options out there.
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