old schoolers still playin?

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Re: old schoolers still playin?

Post by Darkenr »

Still playing here! Just haven't checked the site in quite some time. Still intend on updating more pet stat data in the library too haha. I'm just a slacker. ;) Still so happy this site and forum is still around! Been playing with only a couple year or two breaks since 1999. Currently on Mischief server lovin the random loot, increased loot, and free trade. Such an amazing combo ruleset.
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Re: old schoolers still playin?

Post by Jaytee »

Just came back this Labor Day weekend. How is everyone?
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Re: old schoolers still playin?

Post by Dimuza »

I started playing on the nameless right after it first launched in 1999. then it crashed, and i had no idea what was going on, so i made another erudite character on another server who was totally - TOTALLY blind at night, same as the first char on the nameless. Promptly walked off the dock in Erudin because i did not know it was there - same as the char on the nameless. I was about to say something like "thus began many great adventures.." but it's probably closer to misadventures :roll:
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