RoF Pets, Levels and bazaar gear

Anything relating to the magical arts (pets, spells, AAs).
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Re: RoF Pets, Levels and bazaar gear

Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:27 pm

I can't think of any progression in TDS outside of maybe Arx that can't be done solo, though some spots may be a real PITA. Even getting one more merc helps a ton if you are having issues, though.

I'm a little disappointed with the nonexistent tanking related upgrades our pets got with TBM (no new raid EM, no new passive defensive AAs, etc), but they aren't doing as poorly as that post suggests. It may also be worth checking on TBM group EM's; the TDS EM 18 ear comes from Arx, but TBM may have a higher level EM that's more accessible.

Disclaimer: I do have an EM 23 pet, though I'm skeptical that it makes much difference.
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Re: RoF Pets, Levels and bazaar gear

Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:14 pm

Grubbs tower merc task needs one person in decay while the other is in life! :)
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Re: RoF Pets, Levels and bazaar gear

Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:25 pm

Fast forward three years. I transferred to FV, got into a good guild and I'm ready to rock and roll. So I get this idea since most things in FV the NO DROP tag has been removed.. That I could make my pet into a super killing machine with EOK group gear. (EOK group gear on the FV is next to worthless) While we no longer see the NO DROP tag our pets do. I felt pangs of sadness when I handed my pet a EOK ring I had and my pet returned the item to me. I tried everything I had that used to have the NO DROP label on it and it was the same thing. My pet returned it to me. No, these were not items I ever used.

So, if you transfer to FV, be aware that the pet will not accept items that where NO DROP on regular live servers. I believe TBS tier 1 zones were that last one which dropped tradable group gear. I haven't tried giving my pet conflagrant gear, but these cost too much to even try.

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