Pet weapon and gear questions

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Pet weapon and gear questions

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1) Pet Tank Weapons

Does it add anything to use 2 agro weapons on a tank pet.

I've seen posts indicating there is a max number of procs per minute, and having 2 pieces of gear with the same focus item, doesn't add anything to the player. With that in mind, does it do any good to use 2 agro weapons on a tank pet. I'm thinking it might be better to use one agro weapon, and a different weapon in the other hand so that the second weapon damage proc would also help on agro.

Has anyone used a shield on their tank pet?

2) Gear

I always thought that our pets came with everything except weapons, but it will accept summoned wrist, ring, ear, and range item. I prefer the jade wrist with the better stats.

I've read a lot of posts about giving pets Attuned gear. There has been disagreement if the gear is lost when the pet is pocketed, zoned, logged, etc. Is there any conclusive info if attuned gear remains on a pet?

3) Pet agro

My pet is used to tank Wither (W&D raid) with another pet. Both pets should be equivalent (earth pet (spell casting off), 2 agro weapons, same buffs, EM21, pet runes, etc). The only difference is the main pet sometimes has chanter night's endless terror.

One pet has taunt on, other has taunt off. After several minutes of tanking, any idea why the taunt off pet occasionally pulls agro (I think it still happens with or without chanter NET illusion)?
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