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Pets and Equipment : which Rules apply ?

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:19 am
by Adonhiram
A short post as a reminder about what rules apply when you give equipment to your pet. Think of summoned pets as NPCs which have their own inventory and their own "AI" (a very basic one) which leads them to accept or refuse an item. If your pet refuses an item, it will now give it back to you. If it accepts it, the item will be equipped but any previous equipped item will be lost, your pet won't hand you the old one back.

Summoned pets have a normal inventory, except they've got no charm slot and only ONE ear, finger and wrist slot.

Pets IGNORE level, class, race and lore tags. Two different characters of yours can give each the same lore weapon to your pet which will yield one in each hand. However, pets will respect the required level for procs, so a weapon might be equipped but if the pet (the pet, not the level of the summoning spell) is not of sufficient level, the proc won't fire off. There is one exception to these rules, the Di'Zok slow stick which has been tagged by developers "No Pet" as it is considered overpowered, pets will refuse it.

Unlike quest NPCs, you cannot give a No Trade (no drop) item to a pet.

WEAPON PREFERENCES (primary and secondary slots) :
  • Once pets get dual wield, they will refuse two-handers. I forgot the exact level, you can check that out with your own pets by summoning a 2 hander. Low level pets will accept two-handers and it might even increase their maximum hit. They will also refuse to equip a shield unless the shield can be equipped in another slot than Secondary (example : summoned Elemental Defender).
  • Pets will ALWAYS favor the weapon with the lowest delay. Whatever other stats a weapon yields, your pet will eat it if you give it a cheap low level one whose delay is below the currently equipped one.
  • Simple rule : pets will ALWAYS favor the item with the highest AC, whatever other stats the item might give. An AC 10 +100 hp armor piece will get eaten if you give your pet an AC 11 +0 hp item for the same slot.
  • Pets do benefit from item stats. However, the two most important stats you should look for are AC and flat hit points for tanking purposes, and STR as well as ATK in third position for dps purposes. Same applies to buffs of course.
  • Pets do NOT benefit from STA because the pet models are pre-made NPCs with a set amount of hit points only flat values can increase (adding X hit points).
  • Obviously, pets do NOT benefit from mana (reminder : the revamped fire pet has no mana pool), it's meaningless. INT and WIS are meaningless too. CHA as well lol.
  • It is unknown how AGI and DEX exactly affect pets because it is hard to parse, but it can't hurt.
  • Spell or Melee foci do NOT work on pets (whereas procs do, see above).
  • Theoretically, pet's max hit is influenced by the base damage of the weapon, but in reality, there are no weapons available which would exceed the pet's innate max hit except at very low levels.
  • Despite the delay rule for equipping weapons, a weapon's delay has no influence on the attack speed of the pet.
  • Resists : pets should now apply the owner's resists but still keep their innate high resistance to one particular element (air = cold, earth = disease, water = poison, fire = fire), although I have no proof or evidence to validate that, maybe a live mage knows better and can enlighten us.

If you spend money to equip pets, you should be aware your death, your pet's death or zoning while your pet is suspended (PoP and GoD era) means : poof !

Giving pet equipment has more impact on Defense (tanking and pet's survivability) than on dps. You can add a lot of AC and hit points which will make your pet tank better, but you cannot significantly improve your pet's dps. More STR and ATK will influence that only marginally. Weapon with DD procs (till PoP era and mage summoned weapons) will add some dps, but it is better to look for aggro procs (Gnoll Hide Lariats, Ykesha type weapons, Copper Hammer of Striking from revamped Droga, snare proc weapons, etc.) as it will help the pet to keep aggro when it is tanking.

Regarding weapons, nothing beats mage summoned weapons once you are in PoP era, except aggro proc weapons for when your pet is tanking, till TSS era where mages get also summoned swords with an aggro proc. Mage summoned weapons have a better proc rate than any other weapon and Fists of Ixiblat (PoP) work as early as level 10.

From PoP onwards, nothing beats the summoned belt for the waist slot, and usually every mage sticks to the summoned haste mask (Kunark onwards) for the face slot.

Re: Pets and Equipment : which Rules apply ?

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:17 am
by Adonhiram

Starting in SoF era, two things happen with pets :

- NEC BST MAG PETS come presumonned with an excellent back slot cloak which carries a lot of modifiers like %Shielding, %SpellDamage, %DoTShielding, %StunResist (still applies after Heroic Stats reform). This cloak scales with pet foci. Darkenr who did a lot of research about pets in era managed to gather info about that cloak and pet foci in general in this thread which was centered on SoD+ pets. There are no tradable items ingame which would be better as the pre-summoned cloak regarding all these modifiers. Please do not ever give any back slot item to any mage, beastlord or necromancer pet. If pet takes it (and it will if the AC is only 1 point higher regardless of any other stat), the pre-summoned cloak is eaten.

- MAG PETS ONLY come presummoned with TSS mask (Muzzle of Mowcha, 20% haste), full in era plate summon including the high hit points belt and in era focus jewelry. Therefore there is no need to give a fresh summoned pet anything else as weapons, even if you don't have the TSS mask in your spell-book, and eventually a Cauldron summoned mask which is slightly better (25% - I tested btw, SoF mage pets will refuse a Muzzle of Mochwa -confirming they have it already whereas the TSS pets accept it- but will take the Cauldron summoned mask). However, higher level defiant armor will be better as the presummoned one and you can feed your pet with it, chain or plate preferred.

Re: Pets and Equipment : which Rules apply ?

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2022 11:46 am
by Adonhiram
So, back on TLPs on Aradune with the mighty people from <Rampage World Tour> !

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PRE SUMMONED CLOAK : Aradune is currently (March 2022) in DoN era and my OoW pets refuse back slots items. Therefore I suspect the pre-summoned back slot cape with the nice stats already starts before SoF era.

Re: Pets and Equipment : which Rules apply ?

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2022 12:23 pm
by Darkenr
As a quick addition to this. Pets only have a SINGLE ring, earring, and bracer slot. Just something to keep in mind.

And Hiya Adon! :) I'm back checking the forums again lol.

Re: Pets and Equipment : which Rules apply ?

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2022 5:11 am
by Adonhiram
Hey Darkenr, now I stopped again playing, lol. You know, live, work, time and so. But I hope you are well. Superpet says hello 8-)

Perhaps we'll meet again, I am PA tester in Pantheon but it will still last a while till Alpha rolls out, so EQ might draw me back at some point, we will see... Ciao ciao