TS Visible Armor for Pet

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TS Visible Armor for Pet

Post by Shard »

Currently, I make dimensional armor for my pet. I was wondering if there are any new TS visible armor that our pet can use from this expansion or is the dimensional armor still the best to use?
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Re: TS Visible Armor for Pet

Post by Sancus »

There is new TS gear in this expansion, but I think the relative scarcity of the materials makes giving any to pets cost prohibitive. I think a full set is going for something like 8 kronos on Xegony right now...

I think pets *should* be able to equip the gear in theory, but I don't have any of it to try nor would I want to if I did.
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Re: TS Visible Armor for Pet

Post by Eaedyilye »

You can give your pet Merc gear and it will equip it. On my server, it's cheap at the Bazaar. (FV server) Or if you have a some time. Go farm it. I equip my pet with Dimensional armor and Merc gear if I have it.
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