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What you have missed

Installing EverQuest

For many expansions now SoE only had Digital Download for new expansions. So there are no more discs to buy at the store. This is bad news for those of you with slow connection because you will have to download EverQuest. Go to this SoE website and follow these directions from SOE's CS people. 1. Create a new folder for your EverQuest game to be installed into: A. Double-click on My Computer B. Double-click on Local Disk (C) (You may need to click on "Show the contents of this disk") C. Double-click on Program Files (You may need to click on "Show the contents of this folder") D. Click on FILE-->New-->Folder (at the top of the window) and name the folder EverQuest 3. Move the patcher into the EverQuest folder by double-clicking on 4. Right-click on EverQuest.exe and choose "Cut" 5. Switch to the EverQuest directory you just made, and right-click inside it. Choose "Paste" 6. Right-click on EverQuest.exe that is now inside the EverQuest folder you just made, and choose "Send to Desktop (create shortcut)" 7. Delete the file from your Desktop, then double-click on Shortcut to EverQuest.exe 8. This will patch all of the files for you

Where are my characters?

SoE tends to keep characters around for many many years in hopes you'll return

When SOE did the server merge, they wiped out lower level characters (level 10 and lower) if those characters had not been logged in the last 6 months prior to the merge.

If you had a character name that was the same as somebody on the server being merged, they would give the name to the person who created the character first. The other person would have the letter “x” added to his name. So if you had 2 people named Eragorn, one would become Eragornx.

Current Server: Previous Servers: Luclin Stromm / Veeshan Drinal Tarew Marr / Maelin Starpyre / Vazaelle Xegony Zebuxoruk / Druzzil Ro / Xev / The Combine / The Sleeper Bristlebane Solusek Ro / The Tribunal / Ayonae Ro Cazic Thule Cazic Thule / Brell Serilis / Fennin Ro / Torvonnilous Bertoxxulous Tholuxe Paells / Saryrn / Mithaniel Marr Tunare E'ci / The Seventh Hammer / Lanys T'Vyl The Rathe Karana / Prexus / Terris-Thule Povar Morden Rasp / Quellious / Rodcet Nife Erollisi Marr Morell-Thule / The Nameless / Innoruuk Antonius Bayle Kane Bayle

Expansions and Expansions Guides

Currently there are 18 expansions. And no, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for each expansion you don't have. Go to SOE's website and click the Veil of Alaris bundle. You'll get every expansion including the very most recent expansion for only $40.

Here are the guides you will need to find your way around each expansion:

Severwide Mage Channel


Important help websites

New races/classes

The Lingo is confusing me!

Getting Started, your first steps

install your Maps and UI

Making Friends

Getting some spending plat

]Getting your Mercenary

Gearing up and acquiring spells

Going out to hunt!