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High Lights!

What you have missed

Installing EverQuest

For many expansions now SoE only had Digital Download for new expansions. So there are no more discs to buy at the store. This is bad news for those of you with slow connection because you will have to download EverQuest. Go to this SoE website and follow these directions from SOE's CS people.

  • 1. Create a new folder for your EverQuest game to be installed into:
    • A. Double-click on My Computer
    • B. Double-click on Local Disk (C) (You may need to click on "Show the contents of this disk")
    • C. Double-click on Program Files (You may need to click on "Show the contents of this folder")
    • D. Click on FILE-->New-->Folder (at the top of the window) and name the folder EverQuest
  • 2. Move the patcher into the EverQuest folder by double-clicking on
  • 3. Right-click on EverQuest.exe and choose "Cut"
  • 4. Switch to the EverQuest directory you just made, and right-click inside it. Choose "Paste"
  • 5. Right-click on EverQuest.exe that is now inside the EverQuest folder you just made, and choose "Send to Desktop (create shortcut)"
  • 6. Delete the file from your Desktop, then double-click on Shortcut to EverQuest.exe
  • 7. This will patch all of the files for you

Where are my characters?

SoE tends to keep characters around for many many years in hopes you'll return

When SOE did the server merge, they wiped out lower level characters (level 10 and lower) if those characters had not been logged in the last 6 months prior to the merge.

If you had a character name that was the same as somebody on the server being merged, they would give the name to the person who created the character first. The other person would have the letter “x” added to his name. So if you had 2 people named Eragorn, one would become Eragornx.


EQ Free to PLAY!

That is right! EverQuest as of March 16th is now FREE to play! There are 3 levels of accounts: Free, Silver and Gold. If you are returning to EQ your account will automatically be Silver. If you wish to upgrade it to Gold you may do so. If you're new and just want to try it out, Free will give you a decent idea, but however limits you to only the most basic of classes. To learn more about F2P (Free to Play) click Sony's website here!

Hero's Journey Achievements

The Hero's Journey Achievements is a very large list of all the of the most important quests in all of EverQuest and it gives you a goal to shoot for to achieve.


  • 1-5: Welcome to Crescent Reach
  • 1-5: Ready for Combat
  • 6-10: Important Errands
  • 11-15: Making a Name For Yourself
  • 16-20: Becoming a Hero
  • 21-25: Welcome to the Moors
  • 26-30: Battling Blightfire
  • 31-35: Champion of the Moors
  • 36-45: Welcome to Stone Hive
  • 36-45: Short Sharp Sting
  • 41-45: Welcome to the Mesa
  • 46-50: Pranks and Research
  • 51-55: Moving Up the Ranks
  • 56-60: Ascending the Roost
  • 61-70: Conquering the Steppes
  • 65-75: Crusader of Scale
  • 70-75: Disrupting the Mines
  • 70-75: Exploring Vergalid
  • 70-80: Monkey Island
  • 70-80: Redfeather Isle
  • 70-80: Maiden's Grave
  • 70-80: Jardel's Hook
  • 70-80: Deadbone Reef
  • 70-80: Suncrest Ridge
  • 70-80: Blacksail Folly
  • 70-80: Assisting the Ak'Anon Strike Force V
  • 76-83: Assistant to the Fangbreakers
  • 76-83: Assistant Fangbreaker
  • 80-85: Agent of Ak'Anon Strike Force V
  • 75-80: Herald of Oceangreen Hills
  • 75-80: Herald of Oceangreen Village
  • 76-85: Champion of Blackburrow
  • 80-85: The Army of Light
  • 80-85: The Army of Obliteration
  • 80-85: From the Fields to Kaesora
  • 80-85: Storming Kaesora and Kurns


  • 1+: The Council of Six
  • 1+: Love in the Air
  • 1+: Boawb's Jealousy
  • 20+: Job Offers
  • 20+: Two Gnolls With One Stone
  • 20+: Stemming the Threat
  • 30+: Battling the Bixies
  • 30+: Makesn's Plight
  • 35+: Botanical Busywork
  • 35+: Cooking With Honey
  • 35+: Working for Warwing
  • 40+: Dorina's Love
  • 40+: Madu's Armor
  • 45+: Ciodaru's Love
  • 45+: Bring Friends
  • 50+: Ekaterina's Lament
  • 50+: Centaur's Troubles
  • 55+: Lucian's Vengeance
  • 55+: Adrian's Calling
  • 55+: While You're Roosting
  • 60+: Steppe Right Up
  • 60+: Rebuilding the Portal
  • 65+: Cleansing the Springs
  • 65+: Rites of Passage
  • 65+: Assisting the Crusaders
  • 70+: Togswell's Experiments
  • 70+: The Depths of Vergalid
  • 70+: Shield of the Otherworld
  • 70+: Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand
  • 75+: Challenges of Dragonscale
  • 75+: Ladies of the Light
  • 75+: Heirlooms and Loved Ones
  • 75+: Cleansing the Loping Plains
  • 75+: Vrald's Lost Brother
  • 75+: Purified Flawless Faycite
  • 80+: Disrupting the Fortress
  • 80+: Serving the Spymaster
  • 80+: Initiate of Ak'Anon Stike Force V
  • 80+: Gearing Up
  • 75+: Curing the Corruption
  • 75+: Defending Oceangreen Village
  • 75+: Darkpaw Defender
  • 75+: Cleansing the Temple
  • 75+: Bayle's Heraldic Crest
  • 80+: Infiltrating the Armies
  • 80+: Efforts of a Mercenary
  • 80+: From East to West Commonlands
  • 80+: Refugee Rescue
  • 80+: Blood of the Fallen
  • 80+: Phara Dar's Grand Illusion
  • 80+: Intercepted Messages
  • 80+: Gain Audience with Jaled`Dar
  • 80+: Jaled`Dar's Request
  • 80+: Baron Yosig's Skeleton
  • 20+: Wayfarer's Brotherhood Adventurer's Stone
  • 45+: Choosing Sides
  • 45+: Norrath's Keepers: Gift of the Keepers


  • 1-20: Graduate of Crescent Reach
  • 21-35: Conqueror of Blightfire
  • 36-45: Slayer of Stone Hive
  • 41-55: Magnate of the Mesa
  • 56-60: Raider of the Roost
  • 61-70: Journeyman to the Steppes
  • 65-75: Emissary of Sunderock
  • 70-75: Spelunker of Vergalid Mines
  • 70-80: Captain o'er the Buried Sea
  • 70-80: Explorer of Dragonscale Hills
  • 76-83: Champion of the Loping Plains
  • 80-85: Strikeforce Insurgent in Mechanotus
  • 75-85: Herald of Old Antonica
  • 80-85: Tactician of Bloody Kithicor
  • 80-85: Hero of the Field of Scale
  • 65-70: Defender of Norrath


  • 75+: Reconstructed Werewolf Head
  • 75+: Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus
  • 1+: Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore
  • 15+: Wanderlust Guild Loadstone
  • 20+: Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem
  • 65+: Breakdown in Communication
  • 65+: Tome of New Beginnings
  • 65+: Assistant Researcher's Symbol
  • 70+: Trials of Mata Muram (the 6 group trials)
  • 70+: Slipgear's Gem
  • 70+: The Depths of Darkhollow
  • 75+: Efreeti Death Visage
  • 75+: Katta Castrum Portal Activation
  • 75+: Tsaph Katta's Urn of Rejuvination
  • 70+: Arena Champion's Badge
  • 65+: Coldain Historical Seal
  • 65+: Black Orb of Scrykin
  • 65+: The Chalice of Life
  • 75+: Ancient Faycite Bone Circum
  • 75+: Blessed Celestine Faycite
  • 75+: Cursed Obsidian Faycite
  • 75+: Valthun's Memory Shard
  • 75+: Lantern O' Wisps
  • 75+: Rallosian Battle Figure
  • 80+: Dark Soul Crystal
  • 80+: Timeshear

Expansions and Expansions Guides

Currently there are 18 expansions. And no, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for each expansion you don't have. Go to SOE's website and click the Veil of Alaris bundle. You'll get every expansion including the very most recent expansion for only $40.

Here are the guides you will need to find your way around each expansion:

Severwide Mage Channel

Got a question in EQ that needs an answer fast? Join the serverwide mage channel. /join serverwide.magicians:fluffy


EQ has added a new Tutorial, if you're been out for several years I recommend making a level 1 character and do the tutorial, it will help you get familiarized with the game and its commands.

Important help websites

New races/classes

In Shadow's of Luclin SOE created a new class and race. The race is the Vah Shir. They are cat like people with cute fuzzy tails. The class that was created was the Beastlord. A beastlord is like the melee version of a mage. They have a pet, though the pet is a lot weaker, but the Beastlord can melee and cast spells.

In Legacy of Ykesha SOE created the race of Frogloks. They are as you guessed frog people. They do cute backflips when you cast and melee. Very scary.

In Gates of Discord SOE created a new Class called the Berserker. They are a chain pure melee. They rival rogues in their dps and (lack) of utility.

In The Serpents Spine SOE created a new race called the Drakkin. Humans that have a touch of Dragonblood in their veins. They look like human, but they have a dragon AE cone breath racial ability that scales with levels.

The Lingo is confusing me!

You can learn more about the Lingo of EQ (and the interweb in general) from this website. But as always feel free to post any questions you might have.

Getting Started, your first steps

install your Maps and UI

Maps were introduced in Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion. You can bring them up by pressing the backspace key on your keyboard. Go to Map Fiend to download up to date set of maps for all expansions. Be sure to check back with Map Fiend to download maps for the next expansion when it comes out. When you have downloaded the maps place them in your Map folder which is in your EverQuest folder. You will need to log out and log back in to see the maps.

Making Friends

In order to keep the game fun and for you to learn and get help with missions and mobs, you'll need to make some friends. If you do not already have a guild, head to the guild lobby located off the Plane of Knowledge. Head to one of the four corners of the guild lobby zone and click on the billboards. From there search for a guild with an active time similar to yours. Make friends within the guild, it is there that you'll be asking a lot of your specif questions. With a guild you are now able to zone into the Guild Hall, which allows you to use the hall transporter saving your legs from long confusing runs. While hunting you should be on the look out for friends

Getting some spending plat

In order to keep your house and merc bills from piling up as well as buying your gear and spell, you will need some cash. There are a few places you can go to farm plat and gems, or you can farm in your normal xp zones and be sure to save all the tradeskill drops and sell them in the bazaar.

  • One place to get plat is to farm Sanctus Seru. Each mob drops on average 20 plat. They are weak, level 50-60 and can drop fine steal weapons that sell for 5 plat a pop.
  • One place to get plat is to farm the Gnolls in the northern part of The Steppes. Each mob drops between 1 and 50 plat. They are weak, level 65-75 and can drop tradeskill items that sell for another 30-40 each.
  • Another place to farm is Sleepers Tomb for gems. The gems sell for 140 each and are fairly common. A powerful player could expect to set 7-9k pp per clear.
  • For those of you who are higher level can camp tier 1 named in various expansions and sell their tradeable loot in the bazaar.

Getting your Mercenary

You will need the SoD expansion. This expansion allows you to buy a Mercenary. There are 4 different types of Mercs. Tank, Cleric, Rogue and Wizard. To buy a merc you need to pay the initial fee (which is free if you're a low level and grows to about 10k pp at Lvl 90). After that the merc is paid every 15 minutes it is active. If you put the merc on Passive for the full 15 minutes the fee for that 15 minutes is waived. You can learn more about the Mercenary's in EQ by visiting Allakhazam's Mercenary Wiki page. A tank merc is very powerful at the lower levels, and a great way to power level yourself up by hiting the mob once and letting the tank do most of the work.

Gearing up and acquiring spells

Defiant gear is very important to help you catch up to speed. Normally the gear has above what the raid gear stats of the time were, allowing you to get a good leg up. I suggest you look into buying defiant gear from the bazaar or try to get lucky and hope some drops from the mobs you are killing. You can buy non visble (earrings, neck, rings from two merchants in PoK Non-visble gear does not drop from mobs and can only be acquired via the two merchants in PoK 5-50 items are on Keefe Stearns and 50+ items are on Iason Yureska. Here is a list for you to search for the right defiant gear for your level:

  • Crude = level 10.
  • Simple = Level 20.
  • Rough = level 30.
  • Ornate = level 40.
  • Flawed = level 50.
  • Intricate = level 60.
  • Elaborate = level 70.
  • Elegant = level 80.

Going out to hunt!

Now that you have some friends, gear and spells it is time to hunt! Your best bet for finding a zone with a decent amount of people to group with is to go to the hot zone for your level or a few levels below if you wish to solo. Throw on your LFG (looking for group) tag by typing [b]/lfg on[/b], or you can start a group yourself by checking who else is looking for gorup by typing /lfg. If you are above level 80 then you'll want to level up in the newer zones such as Brell's Rest in the Underfoot expansion if you're in the low 80s or Feerrott, the Dream in the House of Thule expansion if you're in the mid 80s. From both of those zones you can explore other connected zones, meet new people and complete quests as you level.

Hot zones are old zones that SOE has given an added xp bonus to. They also have zone wide rare drops augments. If you're coming back and looking for a zone to get a group and find some friends, it is highly recommended you go to the hot zone for your level. Here is a list of hot zones at the time of this posting. Franklin Teek has arrived in the Plane of Knowledge and will be happy to point you to the current location of a Hot Zone appropriate for your level. Franklin also has a series of tasks that can be done in each of the current Hot Zones. Each task can only be completed one time each day and you can only complete one of Franklin's Tasks at a time. The following zones are now Hot Zones with increased experience and rewards:

  • Level 20: Crescent Reach
  • Level 25: Blightfire Moors
  • Level 30: Great Divide
  • Level 35: Stone Hive
  • Level 40: Dranik's Scar
  • Level 45: Goru'kar Mesa
  • Level 50: Plane of Disease
  • Level 55: Blackfeather Roost
  • Level 60: Sunderock Springs
  • Level 65: The Steppes
  • Level 70: Vergalid Mines
  • Level 75: Direwind Cliffs
  • Level 80: Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale
  • Level 85: Korascian Warrens
  • Level 85: Feerrott, the Dream

The above zones will generally be the best to level, however if you want to search for another place to level use this list here. Please check here for a current listing, as they do change.

New Additions to EverQuest

Bigger Bags and More Inventory Space

In the House of Thule expansion EQ now has access to bags that are up to 32 spaces big! The amount of inventory space has been expanded by two for a total of ten inventory spaces. Large bags are purchased in the market place and very large bags can drop from any House of Thule named, but they are very rare. Player made 12 slot bags can be purchased for less than 3k each on most servers.


The Veil of Alaris expansion introduced to us the ability to send the receive items and currency in the mail. These special NPCs are located in all Neighborhoods off the guild lobby. You send one item, or stack of items at a time to a person free of charge. When you have 50 unclaimed items in your mail you get a warning. From then you can not receive any more items until you have made room. An icon package on your hp and mana window will pop up when you have received an item. Items marked No Trade and Temporary are unable to be sent.

Weapon Ornamentation

These are items aviable mostly from the Market Place and LoN. These change the graphic on your weapon, shield or bow. Sometimes the ornamentation has a proc. But you must have a aug slot free in order to use this ornamentation and proc. If you see a weapon, shield, bow , mount or visible armor (chest,arm,head etc) you can see what it would look like on your person before looting it. Simply pull up the item window by right clicking and holding for a few seconds. Then, while holding the alt key on the keyboard right click the picture. This will bring up the item preview window.

Achievements Window

In Underfoot SoE introduced Achievements. You can bring up this page by typing the short form /ach From here you can see what you have done in Underfoot, House of Thule and Veil Of Alais. No more notebooks filled with what missions you did and long check lists. SoE has even retro fitted some other expansions with the achievement system. You can compare your achievements with other people. Completing some achievements also grants you some rewards. For example killing all the named in every t1 zone in House of Thule Expansion grants you a 16 slot bag. Some groups and raids have bonus AAs for completing a raid or group challenge with a twist. The points do not do anything, other than show off how awesome you are.


Shrouds were designed for a high level character to shroud down and be able to group and gain xp with their lower level friends. There are different classes you can use when you shroud down. All the xp you gain in shroud form will be sent to your character when you exit shroud form. All xp you lost (from deaths) you will lose from your main character. Shrouds can gain xp, the more you use them the more types of shrouds become available to you. Shrouds can have some beneficial uses. For example, it allows a higher level friend to shroud down to a lower level character, so he can group with anyone at any level in this form.


Tribute is a system where you turn in items to the Tribute Master in your home town. This gives you Favor points and you can use those favors points for effects that boost your characters power. You can also turn in items to the Guild Tribute Master located in your Guild Hall. The Favor Points will go into your Guild's Favor Point Pool, officers and leaders can turn tribute on and off and select what effects they want. Most people use Elemental Bows like the Primordial Driftwood Compound Bow which are for sale in the bazaar for between 1500-3000 plat, depending on the server and offer the most tribute points, 50k. Most items have a 1:5 ratio of plat to tribute points. You may also solo older world named and raid mobs to acquire items with high tribute value. ALT U to open the tribute window. To check out a full list of the tribute items go to Allakhazam's Tribute wiki page

Bandolier / Potion Belt

The Bandolier (hit "B") allows you to save weapon settings for an easy switch. This is more for melee but can also be used for all classes, if you have a focus effect you need to use for a couple nukes, or switch between shrink clicky and normal weapon. If you need to pick up arms to slay some mobs.

The Potion Belt is a very useful tool. A good amount of clickies are flagged as Potion Belt Enabled. To bring up the Potion Belt window hit Shift P. You pick up something, say your Heal Over Time pots you learned about in [goto=9.2]This section[/goto]. You drop it in and the icon shows up, also telling you how many charges you have left. If you want to activate a potion belt from a command a hot button type /potionbelt activate 1 (or 2 3 4 5, which ever one you need clicked) By default you are granted 2 Potion Belt slots. 2 more can be acquired via AAs. With most waist slots comes with it a 5th Potion Belt slot.

Blocked Buffs

Blocked buffs are just as they sound. You have the ability to block up to 19 buffs so that they do not land on you. And no, you can not block detrimental debuffs or DoTs.

Due to the way many buffs don't stack with each other, there are often ones you as a mage simply do not want because it blocks something you do want.

For example, I prefer to have the Paladin buff (Brell's Earthen Aegis) on me. There are a couple other class buffs which will block Brell's though, usually Ranger (Strength of the Gladewalker) and Beastlord (Spiritual Vivacity). While these buffs add some HP, they are mostly +ATK buffs that I don't want (pet can have them though, don't block the pet!).

So some ranger MGBs his spell, and then you don't get Brell's. Here is a new way to deal with that, block buff.

There are several ways to block a buff. One simple way is when you see the buff on you that you never want to see again, you simply right-click on that buff and it will bring up an option menu to add that buff to the block list.

You can also manually add the spells to be blocked in game with the following command (##### is the number from Lucy's DataBase):

/blockspell add me #####

So, you look up Lucy's address for Strength of the Gladewalker, You can see in the URL it says "id=15029". Or you can go to the "Raw Data" tab at the far right and go to where it says ID. As the example you would type /blockspell add me 15029

You can also block AE summon type spells! The melee really like it when they can block our AE mod rods. . .

You can access your buff block filter by the big EQ button menu > Character > Blocked Buffs. Also, your pet has a separate filter! And you can double check what you have blocked, and take them off of block if you want to change something.

Legends of Norrath

Commonly called LoN, this is a card game like Magic that you play on EQ or EQ2. You can play vs. people in other servers, and in EQ2. Every month you are given 5 free no trade booster backs and tradeable ones can be bought from the station store. When you right click a card it adds it to your deck and has a chance to give you an ingame reward (ingame rewards won from the 5 free months boosters are no trade). Those rewards range from xp potions (like LoTD in a bottle) to really cool looking ingame mounts, illusions, ornimates and familiars. To play LoN click the EQ button and the first thing you see at the top is Legends of Norrath. There is a helpful tutorial to guide you and teach you how to play.

In Game Voice Chat System

Features include: -- Talk person-to-person in game with any microphone and headset combo. -- Chat with your party, guild or any other group in game. -- Create automatic channels for guilds, raids and groups. -- Play and communicate without worry of a significant increase in game lag. -- Manage group/user participation with moderator controls. -- Individually mute and set volume per user Create automatic channels for guilds, raids and groups.

-- Set up easily without the need for separate software, accounts or registration.

How does it work in EverQuest? - To begin using voice chat, verify the feature is enabled by opening the Option window (Alt+O) and navigating to the Voice tab. This feature will be turned off by default. Devices: Once Voice Chat is enabled EverQuest will attempt to connect to the correct hardware. Push-to-talk key: Initially the voice chat system uses Ctrl+Tab as the push-to-talk key. This can be reconfigured to any available key from the Options window, Keys tab. Output volume: Master volume for all incoming Voice Chat traffic. This setting is independent of music and sound effect volume settings. Setting this to high results in distortion of incoming speech. Input volume: The relative sensitivity of your microphone. Turning it up means your microphone picks up quieter sounds. Setting this to high results in distortion of your outgoing speech. The sound indicator gives an estimate of the distortion. Red signifies high distortion, yellow medium distortion and green low distortion. Testing your setup with Echo channel: The echo channel allows you to get an idea of your settings by broadcasting what you say back to you after a short delay.

The Voice Bar Once Voice Chat is enabled and has successfully connected the Voice Bar will automatically be shown. The Voice Bar by default will remain active as long as voice chat is enabled. A hot key may be mapped to open and close the Voice Bar. The Voice Bar offers a push to talk button, a list of users of the current channel, what channels are available, a link to Options, and indication of who is currently talking. The Talk button is simply a push-to-talk button that is mouse activated instead of keypress activated. The Voice Users button presents a list of the users of the current channel. Clicking on the speaker by any user allows you to adjust the volume of that player relative to your master volume. A particularly loud player can be turned down relative to other voice chat traffic Moderators for a channel are given additional options of muting a player for the entire channel, banning a player from the channel and kicking a player from the channel. The channel button pulls down a menu of channels available to you. The currently selected one is shown in green if connected. Red if the connection has failed. Unselected but available channels are shown in white.

Voice chat has been integrated into some other interfaces in the game. Speaker icons show up for players that have voice chat active. The speaker icons behave as they do in the Voice Users window, giving access to Voice Chat options specific to that player. There is currently an issue with leaving a private channel making you unable to invite someone to a new private channel. We are working on resolving this issue, but until then, logging out and back in should clear your channel status. - Using the /voicechat Command - The /voicechat command offers the following options: -- on: activate voice chat (ex. /voicechat on) -- off: deactivate voice chat -- Moderator Controls: -Mute <player> - mutes a player for everyone in the current channel -Unmute <player>- unmutes a player for everyone in the current channel -Kick <player>- kicks a player form the current channel -Ban <player> - bans a player from the current channel and kicks them if they are present -Unban <player> - unbans a player from current channel

Alt Currency

A look at the Alt Currency Window.

There have been many forms of Currency introduced over the years. Look at the picture to the right to see a look at my alt currency. By clicking the Alt. Currency tab (far right) in your inventory window you can access your alt currency. Some alt Currency are tradeable, to trade these you first need to pull them from your alt currency storage area. Click on the alt currency you want and then hit the Create button on the bottom left. But in order to buy something using the alt currency you need to put it back into storage. Hold the amount you can to put back into storage on your courser then select which alt currency type you have on your courser and click the Reclaim button. Some tokens like Gold Tokens and Loyalty tokens, Bayle Marks and Tokens of Reclamationare not tradeable and thus you can never take them out of storage. Radiant and Ebony Crystals are shown on the first tab of the Inventory window.

LDoN Points: You complete different missions in different areas and gain points which you can spend on gear, augs and spells from the LDoN expansion.

DoN Currency: Radiant Crystals and Ebony Crystals. These are not found in the alt currency tab but on the main inventory page just above your coin. There are two different faction groups, good vs evil. Radiant crystals are from the good faction camp and Ebony Crystals are from the evil faction camp. You use these crystals to buy Spells, Gear and Augs.

Doubloons Currency: They are from the Pirate Missions from The Buried Sea expansion. These allow you to buy gear and Rank I The Burried Sea spells.

Orux Currency: They are from Katta missions in Katta Castrum zone. With these you can buy Gear, Power Sources and Rank II The Burried Sea spells.

Phosphenes Currency: They drop from trash mobs in Solteris and allow you to buy Power Sources.

Phosphites Currency: They drop from one of the 7 raid mobs in Solteris and allow you to buy gear and Rank III The Buried Sea spells.

Faycitum Currency: They are rewards from completing tasks in Secrets of Faydwer. The tasks are given out by Fenden Helter in Dragonscale Hills. These allow you to buy gear.

Chronobines Currency: They are rewards from completing both solo and group tasks in Seeds of Destruction. These allow you to buy gear, spells and augs in The Void from Zebuxoruk. You can buy more items, spells, and augs with higher Void Progression. To learn more about Void Progression check out this Guide.

Gold Tokens and Silver Tokens: These were introduced in Underfoot expansion part of the boomerang series of fun missions. It is like a First Person Shooter mini game where you run around a small area and try to throw boomerangs at other people you're fighting. The better you do in the mission the more tokens you gain and thus the better items you can buy. Silver tokens are tradeable, Gold ones are not.

Mckenzie's Special Brew: Old Man Mckenzie (aka OOM missions) are three group monster missions available in the Plane of Knowledge. These missions recreate being level 50 and hunting in lower guk and other high level dungeons at the time. These points can be used to purchase items off the Old Man. The group missions also drop one item at the end as a reward.

Bayle Marks: These tokens are no trade and purchased from the Market Place. At a cost of around 20 tokens = 1 USD. You can use these tokens as an alternative to paying plat for a mercenary. Instead of 97 plat every 15 minutes you'd pay 1 Bayle Mark.

Tokens of Reclamation: These tokens are bought in the Market Place and are used to instantly retrieve an item that was destroyed, either by accident or on purpose. Simply buy these tokens, go to the nearest merchant and click on the Recover tab.

Brellium Tokens: These tokens are gathered from beating any solo or group mission in Underfoot expansion. These tokens can be used to purchase many different items from this vendor. These tokens are tradeable and can be purchased in the bazaar for ~100 plat each.

Dream Motes: These motes are gathered from beating any solo or group mission in The House of Thule expansion. These tokens can be used to buy good tier 1 - tier 4 gear. The motes are tradeable which allows you can deck yourself out in t1 gear right off the bat if you can buy some Dream Motes. Check out the bazaar they sell for ~50 plat each. Which 1 piece of gear will only run you 1500 plat.

Loyalty Tokens: These tokens not tradeable. You gain these tokens by having a current, reoccurring subscription to EverQuest. Alerynril the Loyal in the Plane of Knowledge sells these items. You gain more tokens the longer your account is active. You can gain up 120 tokens a week at max.

Extended Target Window

In Underfoot SoE introduced the Extended Target Window. By right clicking the icon to the left you can set it up to display mobs or persons of interest to you. Be default all 5 slots are set up for 'auto hate' which is when you are put on a mobs hate list they are put in the extended target window. If you're a cleric you can put tanks in the extended target window by targeting them, right clicking on the icon and selecting Current Target. All the choices are pretty self explanatory. By default you get 5 extended targets. You can also purchase 2 more from AAs in House of Thule and 3 more in VoA bring the total to 10.

Player Housing

Player housing was introduced in House of Thule. You can enter the neighborhoods by going to the north west corner of the guild lobby and selecting a neighborhood then zoning in. The first thing you will have to do is own the House of Thule expansion, next you need to pick a plot. Search around for a plot location you like. There are different types of plots at different costs. Some plots have a capacity of 60, 75 and 90 which are of course more expensive to buy and upkeep. Next you need to put in some plat or alt currency into the upkeep. If the upkeep runs out you will not be able to move, enter or remove anything from the plot until you pay the upkeep again. You will then need to buy a house and put it on your plot of land. You can buy a 1 room house for roughly 5,250 plat or a 3 room house for 10,500 plat. At the zone in is where all the items to place in your yard and house are located. You can move around quickly by using the teleport bad in each section. You can set different permissions to allow people to enter your house or have your friends add things and move things around. A guild can buy a neighborhood using the SoE Marketplace. This will allow only that guild to make houses there, but anyone can visit the zone. You can join this channel here to ask questions and view other people's houses /join serverwide.homeshow:homeshow

SoE Market Place

At the Sony Marketplace you buy "Station Cash", the normal rate is $10 USD for 1000 Station Cash points. There are sometimes double or triple Station Cash bonuses where $10 USD would grant you 2000 or 3000 Station Cash points. There are often sales on items, so like everything in life, being patient can save you money. There are often some nice items for sale such as:

  • Personal and group XP potions
  • Items for house / yard
  • Tradeskill potion
  • Gender change
  • Race / religion change
  • Server change
  • Name change
  • Permanently change your pet's name
  • Permanently change your Merc's name
  • 16-20 slot bags
  • Fancy looking mounts
  • Familiars

Changes to Game Play

Out Of Combat Regen

Out of Combat Regen, or OOC is fairly new. Introduced in The Serpents Spine it gives enhanced mana, hp and endurance regen to players that are sitting or mounted. OOC is designed to fill you from zero mana hp and endurance to full in 3 minutes. This only kicks in when you have been out of combat for 30 seconds vs. group mobs, and 5 minutes vs. raid mobs. /con a mob and if you see "It would take an army to defeat this creature" then that is a raid mob. If you don't see that, then it’s a group mob and you only have to wait 30 seconds. (please note, "group" and "raid" mob is used loosely with SOE, you might be able to solo some mobs that are flagged as raid mobs. And you might get smooched into the ground if you tired to kill a "group" mob. There are some “raid” zones where every mob in it is flagged to give you a 5 minute timer.)


If you died you will respawn with all your gear. You will only need to rez your corpse, once you do so your corpse will instantly vanish. You will not be able to corpse loot items anymore since you respawn with all your items. Your corpse will still be unable to rez if you wait more than 3 hours. If you can not get a rez in 3 hours it is highly suggested you camp to DESKTOP. Do not stay on a bazaar alt or even camp to character select screen, you need to exit the game fully in order to stop the 3 hour count down. The 7 day count down to when your corpse poofs to the graveyard zone will count down no matter what. But after that your corpse is easily retrievable by talking to Devin Traical (use the find ability to help locate) in Plane of Knowledge who can send you to Shawdowrest which is a graveyard zone where your 7+ day old corpses go.

Hover Mode was made to lessen the amount of zoning you need to do when you die. You will automatically enter the hover mode in which you have the option to stick around and wait for a rez or to respawn at your bind spot. The option stays around for 5 minutes. The default is on Return to Spawn so after accepting the rez box be sure to change your selection to Take Rez and click the Ok button.

To automatically drag up to 2 corpses behind you target the corpse and type /corpsedrag. To drop the corpse you're dragging target it again and type /corpsedrop. This is a lot better than spamming /corpse hot button. When autodragging two corpses, it is still possible to drag another by targeting it and spamming /corpse.

The person being dragged has to give you consent to drag their corpse. The easiest way is with the autoconsent buttons located in the options window, general tab. There are three, for group, raid, or guild. Otherwise, the command is /consent name, giving the name of the toon you are consenting to drag your corpse. /consent is a toggle command, so to remove consent, type the command again.

Guild Lobby And Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is a DoN expansion zone that requires that you be guilded to enter. Only your guild mates will be able to enter that guild hall, there are different versions of the guild hall for every guild. In the guild hall there are bankers, guild bankers, and all the trade skill combining things known to man kind. Also in the guild hall is a birdbath for augments and an augment distiller vendor. Another thing in the guild hall is the pool, commonly called the hot tub. The pool helps regen mana, hp, and endurance at twice the normal rate. All beneficial buffs are suspended in the guild hall, meaning they work but they just stop counting down. All detrimental spells still count down and will eventually fade. There is also transportation available in the guild hall which is covered later on in this FAQ. The guild hall is off the guild lobby.

The Guild Lobby is off of PoK zone and has corpses summoners, two birdbaths, two bankers and is also where the 'looking for guild' in-game boards are. The guild lobby is also where the vet AA Throne of Heroes ports you to. Like the guild hall beneficial buffs are suspended in the guild lobby, meaning they work but they just stop counting down. All detrimental spells still count down and will eventually fade. Unlike the guild hall, the guild lobby is not tied to the DoN expansion and anyone can zone in there. Located on the North West side is the zone in to the neighborhoods. You can zone in and check out houses without the House of Thule expansion, but you need the expansion to make your own house.

Required and Recommended levels

You are now able to equip items that are Required level. However you will not gain stats and those items will be displayed in Yellow on your inventory screen. Recommended level means you will gain diminished stats on items. The farther away you are from the recommended level you are, the worse stats you will get.


They made a new petition system, again. Hit "P" in order to bring up an in-game browser. You then need to verify your email, and write up your petition. Just hope your petition is not about how you're stuck in a lava pit burning alive. You might not make it out alive. When EverQuest went Free to Play on March 16th, the petition service was limited only to those accounts who have GOLD access. If you are a Silver or Free member, you can not petition, and must rely on the lackluster Knowledge Base to answer your questions.

Zone Revamps

Revised Zones This is from the perspective of someone leaving post-Luclin; there were earlier zone revisions and additions, like Split Paw, the Warrens, Stonebrunt Mountains and Befallen (which reverted back to it's original form). New zones are only mentioned if they are available to everyone, regardless of expansion. In no particular order:

Cazic-Thule. Just before the release of PoP, this was upgraded from a 20s/30s zone to a level cap (for the time) zone - 55-60. Mob changes only, but with new quests added.

Jaggedpine Forest. This was added before the release of PoP as a 30-50 zone, available to everyone.

Mistmoore. This was "upgraded" to a 65+ zone (mobs only), but was reverted back to the old form after a short while.

Split Paw. Now has new, elemental, mobs inside, 65+ (mobs only changed). The pathing has been slightly tuned.

Timorous Deep. This zone had some mob changes, but I have no idea exactly what, or exactly when! New, higher level pirates were added, and some new spirocs can also be found.

Freeport. Is a new style zone, with new graphics and quests. This was done as part of the Prophecy of Ro expansion. The new zones are: West Freeport, East Freeport, and Freeport Sewers (a new, level 20ish zone, available to everyone). North Freeport is no more. The Academy of Sciences now connects to Arcstone.

The Deserts of Ro. Again, this was done as part of Prophecy of Ro. The overall layout is the zone, but with Oasis merged into South Ro. Graphics have been changed, but most mobs are the same; a few were added (such as the Sand Giant Elites). There is a zone connection to a PoR zone, SW of the spectre isle.

The Commonlands. No more East and West Commonlands; just one zone now. The mobs seem to be more or less the same, and the same quests, with a substantial graphics overhaul. This change was part of the December '06 patch.

Lavastorm. This has been considerably revised, with new mobs and the size increased. There are many new quests, very attractive for level 40+, and this zone is the gateway to the Broodlands. This was done as part of the Dragons of Norrath expansion.

Nektulos Forest. This was briefly revised to a completely new layout, and was then changed again. Currently, it is more or less the same shape, with the same mobs and quests as of old, but with new graphics. This was done to add in the zone connection to Corathus Creep, as part of the Depths of Darkhollow expansion.

Nurga and Droga. Were given new mobs, still goblins, but increased in level; Nurga is high 30s to low 50s, Droga high 40s to low 60s. This changed was made not long after PoP. Pathing was also changed.

High Hold Pass. Now connects to Blightfire Moors in The Serpent's Spine, and has new graphics, but same old mobs and quests.

Firiona Vie. The outpost was taken over by dark elves, sometime before the release of Depths of Darkhollow. Everything else is the same.

Grobb. was taken over by frogloks as a new home city for the new race, and trolls were moved into Neriak, at the time of the release of the Legacy of Ykesha. The frogloks renamed it to Gukta. Not long ago, sometime before the Serpent's Spine release, trolls took back Grobb, and the frogloks were relocated to Rathe Mountains.

Chardok B. This is a completely new zone that was added not long after the Nurga/Droga upgrades, probably around the LoY era. It is on opposite faction to Chardok, and mostly undead. Level is 50-65.

Sol C. Added at the same time as Chardok B and somewhat similar (apart from no undead), with entrances from Sol A/B.

The Bazaar. this was completely reworked, roughly around the release of Dragons of Norrath. The reasons behind this were largely outstanding problems with lag caused by line of sight issues. This was coincident with the introduction of a "buyer" system.

The Mines of Gloomingdeep. This is the new tutorial zone. It was introduced somewhere around the release of Omens, and then expanded later, probably after the release of DoN. Now it is a level 1-10 zone.

The Arena. A stone was added for this in the Plane of Knowledge, and graphics were revised. Not sure exactly when this was done, but somewhere between DoN and TSS.

Veeshan's Peak. No graphics changes, but converted to a hardcore, 65-70 grouping zone. The only problem is that the key involves a raid in Skyfire that no one ever wants to do.

Unlocking Lower Level Keyed Zones

You do not need a key to zone into any of these zones.

Required Level 46

  • The Howling Stones
  • Old Sebilis
  • Skyshrine

Required Level 55

  • Veeshan's Peak
  • Vex Thal
  • Locked areas of the Temple of Ssraeshza

Required level 57

  • Bastion of Thunder
  • Halls of Honor
  • The Temple of Marr
  • Tower of Solusek Ro
  • Drunder, The Fortress of Zek

Required Level 60

  • Plane of Water
  • Plane of Air
  • Plane of Fire
  • Plane of Earth
  • Ikkinz
  • Uqua
  • Yxtta
  • Kodtaz

Required Level 62

  • Plane of Time
  • Inktuta
  • Qvic

Required Level 65

  • Txevu
  • Tacvi

Required Level 68

  • Anquish
  • Theater of Blood

Required Level 70

  • Dreadspire
  • Demiplane of Blood

Required Level 72

  • Theater of Blood
  • Deathknell

Required Level 74

  • Removed the flag requirements for The Serpent Spine (TSS) expansion raids to enter the raid zones as long as you are level 74 or higher. The person requesting the raids will still be required to have the proper flags to request the raid.

Untested Required Level 0 **missing** - patch notes give a vague simple "unlocked" status, but doesn't say what level. Unless there was already a level you had to be.

  • Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
  • Crystallos

Changes to AA Experience

The less total AAs you have the more AAxp you will gain. This happens until you reach the cap of 2500. When you reach that cap you will no longer receive an AAxp bonus. The change happens slowly over time, you'll start off at 500% for your first few AAs and slowly lose that until you're down to 100%. The change will not slow down the rate at which you gain AAxp when you pass 2500, it will only bring it down to the current level. Example: A person with 0 AAs will gain 500% as much AAxp per kill as someone with 2501 AAs. A person with 625AAs will gain 400% as much AAxp as someone with 2501 AAs. People above 2500 AAs will see no change in their AAxp gains. **missing** are my numbers right?

Fellowship and Vitality

Fellowships is a group of up to 12 people. You can create a fellowship by bringing up the window ( control f ) and clicking create. The vendors in the building directly west of the nexus stone sell the components to create a campfire, which gives an aura buff that all members of a fellowship can port to. You need 3 players in the same area to create a fellowship. You can speak to your fellowship members by using command /fs This will allow you to talk to your fellowship members anywhere in game. The fellowship leader can add people to the fellowship from different guilds and levels. By turning on the Sharing XP option some of the XP you get is in turn given to members who also have Xp Sharing on. They will then get more vitality which is the green bar at the bottom of the experience bars. The bars represent the percentage of available vitality compared to the vitality cap. When they are full of vitality, the bar will be full. When they have no vitality (or when the max is 0) they will have an empty bar. Vitality allows a person to gain XP at 5x the rate as a normal person. So if friends in a fellowship have different play times, person A can play longer without completely out leveling person B.

To port to a fellowship campfire, click on the Fellowship Registration Insignia, given by Randall of the Fellows in PoK.

**Missing** - how long do campfires last?

EverQuest Basics


Faction as you might remember is how favorablty a group looks apon you. Faction is broken into 9 different parts. While in EQ there is no way to see a raw number of for each faction, the list below should give you an idea how where you are and how big each part is. The two bottom ones in bold are the only two where you con KoS (kill on sight). All other parts they will not attack you unless you attack them first.

  • 2500 to 1451 = Ally
  • 1450 to 1101 = Warmly
  • 1100 to 751 = Kindly
  • 750 to 151 = Amiable
  • 150 to 0 = Indifferent
  • -1 to -150 = Apprehensive
  • 151 to -750 = Dubious
  • -750 to -1100 = Threateningly
  • -1100 to -2500 = Ready to Attack

Channels and how to use them

Channels are very important and are a great way to talk to people, learn new things and make friends. By default as a new player you're entered into 3 channels. Your class channel, General and then the content you're on. To see what channels are you are in type /list This will bring up Channels: 1=Magician(26) along with general and the name of the content you're on. To remove yourself from this auto join channel open up the options menu (alt o) and under the General tab about mid way down on the left hand side is 'Join General Channels' uncheck it. The number in pretense is the number of people in that channel. There is a max of 200 people per channel. Sometimes General overfills and you're put in General1. To see a list of the people who are in a channel type /list # Where the number is the number of the channel. As we saw 1=magician so /list 1 would list the 26 people in the magician channel. If you want to talk in a channel type /# hello! Where the number again is the number that equals the channel you want to talk in when you type list. So if we tpye /list and 2=general we type /2 hello general! To leave a channel type /leave # or /leave all. If you want to stalk a friend and be annoucned of when anyone enters or leaves a channel type /announace on. Some channels have passwords if we wanted to join a channel called 'magesrule' password was 'petsrock' we would have to type /join magesrule:petsrock. You can join channels from another server type typing the name of the server and the channel and password if there is one, for example /join rathe.magesrule:petsrock. We can auto join channels every time we log in typing /autojoin ilovepie, rathe.magesrule:petsrock. As you saw we will be set to auto join two channels. Ilovepie which is a channel on this server and magesrule which is a channel on the rathe server.

New UI (user interface)

UI overview

You can now customize your UI in EQ now. Move things around, and make new windows that better fit your needs. Go to this site to fill all of your UI needs. You can select from very minimal UIs, to theme UIs (mage theme to Doom theme (yes doom, the very old fps game)). You may find the Mage Compendium's UI section handy, it is located here.

Con System Revamp

Above are the 7 different cons in EverQuest.
  • if they are RED then they are 5+ levels higher than you
  • if they are YELLOW they are 1-4 levels higher than you
  • if they are WHITE they are the same level as you
  • if they are DARK BLUE they are 1-5 levels lower than you
  • if they are LIGHT BLUE they are 6-10 levels lower than you
  • if they are GREEN they are 11-15 levels lower than you (you gain a very small amount of XP from green con mobs)
  • if they are GRAY they are 16 or lower than you and you won't gain XP from their death.

Group Window Revamp

Pictured above is a look at the group window and the information within it..

The group window went under a revamp in the Seeds of Destruction expansion. Things that were changed are: Able to target offline players, able to target players in another zone, the green name indicates the leader of the group. Mercs have been given orange names. You are now able to see group member's mana and endurance. Below is a picture detailing the new changes. If you're leader of the group you'll see your name in green. Another change is the ability to merge groups. The leader of group A needs to invite the leader of group B, if group B's leader accepts then the groups are merged and the leader of group A is the new leader of the group. You need to have 6 or less players total in order to merge groups.

Hot Keys

Hotkeys or socials are very helpful. You can open your social page by hitting ctrl O. Right click a blank social box and edit it there. Some common uses are when you have to do something in order, like typing /pet back off (to clear pet's aggro list) then typing /pet hold. Or creating an assist hot button for the tank of your group. One other use is when you need to do something a lot, such as having your pet attack. You can also include activating AAs in your hot button. If you want to be cute and call forth the elements to aid you in battle for the soul of your long lost love who was killed in the bloody war over Felwithe. Here is a list of mage AAs that can be activated. You need to type /alt activate number. For example, if you wanted to call forth the tiny elements using a hot key you would type /alt activate 207.

Saving Spell Sets

Saving a spell set is very nice for when you're switching between fighting mobs with high fire resistance, or high magic resistance. Or if you're changing your spell setup between raiding, grouping and soloing. To save and later load your spell setup you need to: First, memorize all the spells you wish for that spell set up. Then right click on your spell book icon, on the bottom of your spell gem window. That will bring up another window. Go to Save spell set. Make sure to name it something useful. Then you can load it later by right clicking your spell book icon and clicking Load spell set. This is very nice after you have died and you can quickly memorize your spells and get back into the action.


Filters let you ignore specific types of text. If you don’t want to see the battle spam of your men at arms, hit alt+O to bring up the options window and go to the Filters tab and find the Melee Hits and turn it off. And go the Spell Damage and put it to Show me only. You can ignore very specific texts to decrease lag and spam on your screen. You can also create more than one text window and filter, group and guild chat to one window. And spell damage and pet damage to another. You can do this by right clicking on your window's title bar and pick New Chat Window. Then right clicking on the new chat window's title bar go down to Filter and pick what you want to show up in that window.

Trade Skill UI Window

There is a new tradeskill UI which will help you (A) do mass amounts of combines faster, and (B) save your wrist from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This new UI allows you to "learn" a recipe. You simply need to use the "experiment" function and manually do 1 combine successfully. Now you have learned the recipe, you can pull it up in the search box and it will tell you all the ingredients needed, and which ones you have in your bags (highlighted green) and which ones that are missing (highlighted red).

If you have everything you need (all parts are highlighted green), you simply hit combine and the ingredients automatically pull from your bags. No more manually putting each and every single ingredient in the combine window 1 by 1. It's a wonderful thing!

For more tradeskill information visit EQtraders , or the message board.

Audio Triggers

Audio Triggers are new in-game feature that searches your text boxes for specific words or parses and when it finds that word or parse it will make a noise to alert you of that. To get to the audio trigger window click the EQ menu button > Actions > Audio Triggers. Common uses of this are: knowing when valued buffs wear off, when in a raid event and you have to follow what the boss mob says. When you're inflicted with a deadly effect that needs to be cured right away or to alert you when your friend sends you a tell. From what I have been told, EQ handles audio triggers very inefficiently and so if you have more than 5 you would be best using GamTextTriggers. This is better then EQ's Audio Triggers and gives you a lot more flexibility. This is from the same maker as the very popular GamParse.

Buff Window Information

Pictured above is a look at different debuffs to show what and where this information is located.

The Buff window now displays a ton of new information. For each buff the buff window tells you if the buff is good or bad. blue borders around the buff mean it is good, red borders mean the buff is bad, yellow borders mean the buff is bad but is does not stop you from enter the Out Of Combat regeneration. The buffs also tell you how long of a duration they have left. And newly introduced buffs display what type and how many counters are needed to remove the bad debuff. The type of coloring tells you what type of counter is needed, and the number tells you how many counters it takes to remove. Corruption is a new type of resist added in The Serpent's Spine expansion. In addition to this information, if you right click on any buff or debbuff you get the option to Remove the buff just as if you left clicked it off. You can also choose Show spell information which contains the caster and information about what cures it and how many counters are left, and more common in player buffs you can see the Spell Description, some debuffs have it, but not very common. And the third option you can do after right clicking on the buff is to block it.

To the left is a picture of a what color corresponds to which counter type. Surge of the Shadowflare buff is good (blue boarder) so the counters pertain to something other than curing it. In this case the spell is a damage shield so we have 48 hits left until the damage shield fades. In other cases like with Improved Twincast AA the counters refer to how many nukes you have left until the buff fades.

New Item Tags

  • Prestige This is a new tag introduced when EQ went Free to Play on march 16th. Only GOLD accounts can wear items marked as "prestige".
  • No Drop was changed to No Trade.
  • No Rent was changed to Temporary. (poofs after 30 minutes of not being logged in)
  • Infusible - An item with this tag can be infused to gain more stats using <a href="#FAQPower Sources
  • Attunable - An item with this tag means you can trade this item as long as its never worn, once worn the item becomes No Trade.
  • Lore - Means you can only have one of these items on your person or bank. If the item is tradeable you can stick one in your Shared Bank slot.
  • Lore Groups - A lore group for example is Epic 1.5 and epic 2.0. both of these items are part of the "Lore Group: Epic Weaponry". You can not have more than one item in this group. Other important lore groups are the Summoned Ice Nukes. This tag is found under the Modified Button on the left hand side.
  • EXPENDABLE - Means that when this item is out of charges it will vanish. Examples are Mod Rods, many potions, summoned Ice Nuke and summoned instant clicky nukes. This tag is found under the Modified Button on the left hand side.
  • Potion Belt Enabled - Means this item can be placed in your Potion Belt. This is very handy for quick clicking. This tag is found under the Modified Button on the left hand side.
  • Heirloom - This tag means you can put the item into your Shared Bank Slot and have your alts on the same account use the item.
  • No Storage - Means you are not able to place this item in the vault in your house.
  • Artifact - Means there is only one of this item on the server. Usually seen as a reward for 1-time events.

Bazaar and Trader

The bazaar is a zone off The Plane of Knowledge. You can buy all sorts of things from players in this zone. Type /bazaar in order to start searching. Type /trader in order to start selling your items to players. You must have a satchel and be standing in the correct area.

Barter is a new system. You can now set up your character to buy what other places have for sale. You can set it up so players can sell you specific items you're looking for while you sleep or are at work. Type /buyer to set yourself into buyer mode, allowing people to sell you items. and type /barter to search for buyers to sell your goods to players with /buyer mode up.

Item Greyout Reuse Time

When you click an item that has a resue time you'll notice the item will become greyed over. As time counts down the grey over will slowly drain. When the item is no longer greyed out that informs the user at a quick glance that you can click the item again. This only happens for items with a Recast Time. This function has been extended to the Potion Belt.

New AAs

AA Overview

There was a recent change to the way AA xp works in The Serpents Spine expansion. You gain a lot more AAxp in the lower levels than you did before the change, which is good. They unified the way aaxp was handed out. A white con kill to a level 51 will net the same % xp as a white con kill to a level 80. So getting AAs at the lower levels is now much faster than it was before. You can look at your AAs hitting V, which is the default key for AAs. They added new filters and redid the tabs. General, which all or most classes have. Archetype, which is dependent on what the AA is, most of the time mage archetype is int casters or the 7 major caster classes (mage necro wizard chanter cleric shaman druid) and then there is Class. Class AAs are mage only AAs that no other class gets. You can set the amount of Xp you want to go into AA by typing this command. /set xp 83 (or however much xp you want to go to AA)

A great way to search for AAs is to use this awesome site created by Crystilla.

Important AAs

  • Perfect Invis: A self only .5 second cast time unlimited duration invis AA
  • Companion of Necessity: A pet that stuns and mem blur's your target
  • Frenzy Burnout: A short 2 minute pet buff that turns the pet into a beast, increasing its dps by 2-3 times as much.
  • Suspend Minion: allows you to put your pet in a magic pocket that (at highest ranks)
  • Pet affinity: allows all group, and MGB (mass group buff) spells to land on your pet
  • Gift of Mana: if you cast a spell that heals or damages 10% (at max level) you'll get a 18 second buff in short duration buff window that means that your next spell you cast will cost 1 mana point. That spell is normally saved for Raging Servant spell line. As it is our highest damage spell.
  • Improved Twincast: Allows the next 10 nukes you cast to be twincasted. The second nuke is mana free and can crit. This will greatly increase your damage, but will draw more hate to you. Reusable every 30 minutes.
  • Drape of Shadows: This AA allows you to fade from every mob's hate list. You are required to have a pet alive and near you. Remember put your pet on hold or once you fade he'll hit a mob and put you right back on the hate list. Reusable every 7 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Divine Companion's Aura: This is a short duration (18 sec) DA that protects your pet from ALL harm. Unlike players, your pet still holds onto the hate it has and can tank anything for those 18 seconds. This can easily save your group or raid's life, giving them those extra seconds to get a tank alive and buffed or to give you enough time to gate out. Like all DAs however, buffs and heals will not land on your pet while DA. And using this in combination of Suspend Minion, you can always have a fully buffed, DA'd pet a second away if yours goes down. And when your pet dies, that is when you need an unkillable pet most.

Veteran AA

Veteran AAs are fairly powerful abilities that you get the more time you're account is active (paid for) If you made your account back in 2001 but only paid for 3 years, you will only get 3 years of vet AAs, you will not get 10 years. If you moved your character to another account your character will have the vet AAs of that account, not the original account. You can give more than 1 character vet AAs with limitations. If you have 3 Vet AAs then you can give only 3 characters vet AAs. Each character gets all 3 vet AAs. But you have to wait another year to give a 4th Character vet AAs. The Vet AAs so far are:

  • 1 - Lesson of the Devoted - Doubles your xp gain for 30 minutes every 20 hours.
  • 2 - Infusion of the Faithful - for 30 minutes it increases your resistance stats to max. It also gives you run 3.
  • 3 - Chaotic Jester - This summons a halfing familiar that follows you around and makes (poor) jokes and grants items to group members. Jester can also give you full hp heal and a full mana bar. This is very nice if you're soloing or in a tough spot in a raid. The problem is the jester randomly gives out full mana. You might get 0 or 5 in his 15 minute lifespan. Or it may give full mana to someone at 96% mana.
  • 4 - Expedient recovery - Once a week you can summon, to your feet and rez (100%) all your corpses (that 3 hour xp timer hasn't passed) .
  • 5 - Steadfast servant - Casts buffs on you and heals you. heals scale with level. every 20 hours
  • 6 - Staunch Recovery - Fills your mana and hp and endurance to full once a week.
  • 7 - Intensity of the resolute - A once very powerful vet AA that was nerfed to a 1 minute every 4 hour buff that increases the chance to score a critical hit by 50%.
  • 8 - Throne of Heroes - Gates you to the guild lobby once every hourish.
  • 9 - Armor of Experience - Absorbs 10 melee hits for 100% dmg, then 10 for 75%, 10 for 50%, and finally 10 for 25% damage.
  • 10 - Summon Resupply Agent - A Vendor you can summon once every 20 hours for 1 hour. He sells the basic supplies you can get in PoK (food, water, pearls, pdots ect...) he is happy to buy your, and your friend's goods.
  • 11 - Summon Clockwork Banker - A banker is summoned to your feet. Allowing you and anyone who clicks on the banker to access their bank for 15 minutes before the mob vanishes.
  • 12 - Summon Permutation Peddler - A aug mob and bird bath are summoned to you. This allows you to remove an aug and add a new aug in an item while on the go. Anyone is able to use this item while it is active for 15 minutes.

Leadership AAs

These AAs are introduced in Gates of Discord era. You need GoD in order to gain LAA (leadership AAs). One very popular LAA is HoTT which stands for Health of Target's Target. Which lets you see what your targets target health is (you may need to activate the window to do this). If you are on a mob, it will tell you who it has targeted. Or if you are a healer targeting the tank, you can see how much HP the mob has left. You can Mentor members of your group. If you have all LAAs and someone else wants to gain LAA XP but you don't want to give up HoTT, you can Mentor that player, giving them the LAA xp you would normally get.

Progression Locked AAs

These AAs are located in the Special tab. These AAs include:

  • Harmonic Dissonance - which teleports you to Theater of Blood zone. A open raid zone from the PoR expnasion.
  • Trials of Mata Muram - There are 6 ranks of this AA that increases all your resists cap by 8 each rank (10 for the last rank) for a total of 50. The group missions can be found here.
  • Invitation of Blood - These AAs come from raid progression within the DoDH expansion and grant nothing to you when not in the Demi Plane of Blood raid.
  • Good and Bad faction DoN group and raid progression AAs.
  • Veil of Alaris expansion has all of the Class AAs for that expansion locked behind group progression missions. You can find out more about how to unlock these by going to Important help websites section.

New Class Defining Spells and Class Changes

Raging servant

This is one of the mages most prized spell lines. The line was introduced in DoDh (Raging Servant) and expanded in TBS (Rampaging Servant) and once again in SoF (Rancorous Servant). The RS line is a temporary pet that lasts 18-22 seconds, depending on the spell's rank. The pet hits like a truck, and has a lot of Hp. You can have both RS and a normal pet up at the same time. The RS pet is good for off tanking, burning down a mob, and is a GoM spell. GoM is a AA that when fired (10% of the time) will make your next spell cost 1point of mana. Often, RS is used because RS's mana cost is so very high compared to other spells, nearly 3 times as much.

Damage shields

Mages are still the king of damage shields, baby. Druids are close, but we could smoosh them in a damage shield fight (sounds fun to watch). Mages have several damage shield type spells to work with now.

When deciding what damage shields to put in your line up, I would use 2 lines. The first is our standard group damage shield buff that lasts ~55 minutes extended. The next Damage Shield I use is the Surge line. But, the first Surge we get at level 85, Surge of Thaumacretion is really bad. At level 90+ it gets changed to be THE best spell we have. So, normal damage shield and the level 90 or higher Surge of XYZ line.

More about the Surge line, because yes, it is THAT good! It is massive DPS and hugely efficient. It draws 0 agro and can not be resisted. Awesomely, you can 'pre-cast' it on your tanks or melee or pet during down time when you have FM. This will give you an extra 100k+ mana free damage when the mob gets to camp. Great for preparing for named. Now some of the downsides, the tank gets credit for the damage, so he'll be linking his DPS in /gu making you look like slack. Also, if the tank dies (haha) before all 48 counters are used, the damage goes wasted. This is a great spell you should get in the habit of using every time its up!

Summoned items

We no longer specialize in rabbits and handkerchiefs. We have grown up and now we’re summoning some pretty useful items. We can summon utility items with see invis, a fixed duration all/all invis item, clicky instant cast (no drop) nukes, clicky ice based nuke item We can summon tradable SoS items, instant gate items, a (old) raid utility pet focus item. We can summon pet weapons with either ice, magic and fire procs. Or a +hate proc for our pets. We can summon some very nice pet armor along with armor with decent stats for players who need focus effects.

Changes / Nerfs

  • Pet cannibalism is no more. You can not gain massive amounts of mana by summoning and reclaiming your pet over and over again.
  • Green Pet Pull is no more. You can no longer Green Pet Pull a mob, if you try you'll be sorely disappointed, and you might want to check out this if you try
  • Special Note, don't spend too much time or money trying to get level 73 pet toy spell. The next level pet toy spell is aviable on vender for a few hundred Plat.
  • The Monster Summoning pet line has died at level 80.

Pets: Jobober and You!

What is my pet wearing when I summon him?

Lvls 71-75 Unfocused: Phantom Plate Focused: Phantom Plate and better stats

Lvls 76-80 Unfocused: Era appropriate Armor, Jewelry, and muzzle. Focused: Same as unfocused plus a cloak.

Lvls 81+ Unfocused: Era appropriate Armor, Jewelry, muzzle, and cloak. Focused: Same as unfocused but a better cloak depending on focus.

Want more indepth information? Follow the link to see the exact armor.

Pet Focus, tell me more!

As you can see from above, having a pet focus really helps out! Find an appropriate focus you can acquire and get it asap. Here is a complete list of all foci and their locations. We also have a very indepth post about how pet focus work written by Darkenr here!

Equipping your Pet for battle!

There are many tricks for equiping pets. For instance, a pet will equip the HIGHEST AC item for that slot. For example: say you have 2 back items, one has 50 AC and 100 hp. The other has 49 AC and 700 hp. The pet will equip the 50 AC item. As for weapons, the pet will equip the LOWEST DELAY weapon. Also for weapons, you should always give your water pet a weapon. Ignoring whatever proc, a weapon in both hands allows the pet to backstab from the front this adds several hundred more DPS.

Pets have every slot players do, except pets only have ONE earring, ONE finger ONE wrist slot and NO charm slot.

VII. New Commands

The Claim and Reward

Each expansion has a special gift. You will need to type /claim in order to get the gift. This gift can only be claimed once, and is no drop. Make sure you claim it on the right character. When you complete a mission or task you will get a reward. To get this reward, go to the EQ button > Quests > Rewards. Here you can accept any banked task rewards.

The Find ability

CTRL F will bring up the find window. This window mostly works in towns and cities to help you more easily locate an NPC you're seeking. Such as bankers, GMs for your class training, Spells and tradeskill vendors and other important NPCs. Often SoE enables it in combat zones to point the way toward important NPCs.

EQ's Common Command thread

This Player-made long list of commands is more in depth than the list below, but if you find something you like and think it should be added, please let me know and it shall be added.

Common Commands / useful notes

  • /note (allows you to take notes)
  • /help
  • /clear (quickly clear your chat box before the wife walks by)
  • /alt activate
  • /alt on 92 (or any number you want, to change your AAxp %)
  • /friend NAME (to add a friend)
  • /who all friends (view friends list)
  • /rewind (if you are stuck in a wall or something it moves you. Do not move for 30 seconds before using this command.)
  • /char (to see where you're bound)
  • /surname (can change your surname without a GM doing it, useable once a week)
  • /invite PLAYERNAME (you can invite players from other zones)
  • /hidecorpse all -- hides all corpses, NPC and Players.
  • /hidecorpse looted -- hides NPC corpses you looted from, but shows corpses you have not looted yet
  • /tt (sends a Tell to your Target)
  • /key (lists the keys you have)
  • /assist off (turns auto attack off when you assist)
  • /assist PLAYERSNAME
  • /assist (assists your target)
  • /tasktimer (lists the amount of time left before you can redo that task)
  • /announce on (announce who joins and leaves the channels you're in)
  • /assist group (you assist the player you set as group main assist)
  • /assist raid (you assist the player you set as raid main assist)

For quick selecting and buying

  • Hold down the ctrl button to buy 1 item quickly.
  • Hold shift key down to buy a full stack quickly.
  • Hold down the ctrl button to select 1 item from a stack in your inventory.
  • Hold down shift to select the stack in your inventory.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Pasting in EverQuest, brought to you buy EQRecourse.

Auto Consent You no longer have to consent all your groups / raids or guild's rogues, monks, necros, SKs, bards when you die. There is an auto consent option. Bring up the options window (alt o is default) and under the Generals tab is Auto Consent group / raid / guild. You can deny permission using /deny PLAYERNAME, and you can grant permission to other people who arn't in your group / raid or guild at the time of your death by /consent PLAYERNAME

The % Commands

  • %t = Your TARGET's name.
  • %m = Your PET'S name. It may come back as Jobober, or Soandso's pet (Temp pet's name) or Soandso's Familiar. Whatever the last pet you summoned that is still alive is named.
  • %o = Your TARGET's gender. Him / Her / It
  • %p = Your TARGET's gender. His / Her / Its
  • %r = Your TARGET's race. High Elf, Dark Elf, Gnome, NPC, Water Elemental ect.
  • %s = Your TARGET's gender. He / She / It



You can buy these in PoK from venders, or from players for much cheaper. There are several types of potions. Mana Regen, instant healing, HP Buff, Melee haste, Heal over time, damage shield, etc. These pots are available from level 5 up to level 80. There are also other types of potions, such as invis vs. undead, invis, gate, SoW, Levitate, Shrink.

Player made potions are made by shaman, minimum level 35.


These are new modifications to gear. You can learn more about Augments by **MISSING** You can search for augments at the EQclickies site here.


Charms are a new slot introduced in LDoN. A charm's stats change. The reason a charm's stats may change is dependent on the type of charm you have. Some charms gain stats the closer to midnight you get to, or the more flags you have. Or on the amount of money you have on you, or the amount of missions you're completed or zones explored.


You can learn more about mounts from here!!!!1!!


Enchanters no longer have a strangle hold on Illusions! There are several items and AAs that can grant illusions to the common (wo)man! Some Illusions are just for show, while others also grant special abilities. For example, the magician AA: Elemental Form: Water, adds extra mana regen and endure breath. Air adds extra resists and levitate.

Fabled items and mobs

Fabled is a once in a year event that happens around March every year. During this time EQ's most famous mobs will spawn as "The Fabled..." As example, The Fabled Fippy Darkpaw. This mob will then be harder, have more hit points, and will do more damage. Also it will be a higher level. But the loot dropped from a fabled mob is very good for the level. On EQ's 5th birthday they introduced fabled to the game, only mobs and items that were from original EQ were fabled. On EQ's 6th year original and Kunark mobs and items were fabled. On EQ's 7th year original, Kunark and Velious was fabled. Luclin was fabled on EQ's 8th birthday and Planes of Power was turned Fabled on EQ's 9th birthday. EQ is getting ready to celebrate its 10th year and Players are holding their breath for this years new fabled.

Power Sources And Purity

These are special items you can equip to make certain armor better. The armor must be labeled as “Infusible” to receive this benefit. An item has a set "Purity". Only visible items have purity: helm, wrist2x,glove,legs, arms, chest and feet. Group items have 50 purity, raid items have 75 purity. There are augs that add up to 25 purity, the more purity the stronger your type of Power Source will be when you wear it. So the higher the purity the better stats your visible gear has. Power Scours have a finite life span. Each second in combat it drains your Power Source, they will not tick down if you are in Out of Combat regen mode and you will still gain the benefit of the extra stats. You will have to replace your Power Source often, every week or so depending on how many slots you have that are infusiable 8 slots will drain power faster than 1 slot. Traditionally you needed to beat Solteris to unlock the ability to buy Power Source, now you just need to raid a tier 2 SoF raid mob. More information can be found here.

Mods and Heroic Stats

In Planes of Power EQ made Mods. These mods as defined in the link Here. In SoF EQ made another set of mods and introduced Heroic Stats. Heroic stats are based off normal stats (like int, sta, cha ect..). But Heroic stats are on steroids. Unlike normal stats and mods these do not have caps. There is no soft cap or hard cap in Heroic stats. The link provided above explains in more detail about Heroic stats.


Attunable is a new type of item tag. As you know an item tagged as No Trade (formally No Drop) you can not give it to anyone. Attunable is different because you can trade, sell an Attunable item as much as you want until you equip it. Once you equip an attunable item a message pops up that asks if you're sure you want to equip this item. If you hit yes the item turns No Trade and you're not longer able to trade or sell it.

Evolving Items

As you adventure and advance in Norrath, you may find new items that will learn and grow right along with you! These Evolving Items change over time the more you use them, including their names and statistics. These weapons and worn items are marked as Evolving and will show their status in a percentage upon inspecting them. You can watch that status grow as you kill monsters! When it reaches 100 percent, presto, you will have the next level of your item!


There are different types of Auras. Some are pet Auras that follow around the caster and buff ONLY pets. Others follow the caster and buff only the group. Other still do not follow the caster and buff / cure everyone in the area.


Plane of Knowledge

Plane of Knowledge is just that, a zone filled with vast amounts of knowledge. Books filled with knowledge about transportation! In PoK you can travel to nearly every major city in seconds. Each city has near it a "Book." That book lets you travel to and from PoK and from PoK you can pick another city. You can go from Felwithe to Freeport to Halas in 2 minutes. Tons of spells, bankers and players are in POK as well. The Guild Lobby (large door), Bazaar (large door) and Shadowrest (hail an NPC) are off of PoK as well. These are the zones you can use the book: Ak’Anon (Steamfont Mountains) Arena Cabilis (Field of Bone) Crescent Reach (Blightfire Moors) Erudin (Toxxulia Forest) Felwithe (Greater Faydark) Firiona Vie Freeport (West Freeport) Grobb (Innothule Swamp) Gukta (Mountains of Rathe) Halas (Everfrost Peaks) Kaladim (Butcherblock Mountains) Kelethin (Greater Faydark) Neriak (Nektulos Forest) Oggok (The Feerrott) Overthere Paineel (Toxxulia Forest) Plane of Tranquility Qeynos (North Qeynos) Rivervale (Misty Thicket) Shar Vahl (Shadeweaver's Thicket) The Gulf of Gunthak The Great Divide The Nexus

There are also other zone outs in PoK that aren't books: Dranik's Scar (via Priest of Discord) Guild Lobby (door) Shadowrest (via NPC, Devin Traical - Emissary of Shadowrest) The Bazaar (door) Plane of Time (NPC Herald of Druzzil Ro )

LDoN Magus

The LDoN, or more commonly know as magus porter has been added, you guessed it, during the LDoN expansion! After completing a simply quest (after you obtained level 20 or beyond) she will be able to port you to every LDoN camp. The Magus can also send you to Nedaria's Landing. And from there, you can talk to another Magus who will send you to parts of the Gates of Discord expansion (Natimbi or Abysmal Sea). Abysmal Sea is a “city” type zone, with lots of tradeskill vendors and quest NPCs.

Guild hall

The Guild hall is your own personal wizard that doesn't talk back to you. The Guild Hall Porter can port you to many different zones and contents. For a small fee, of course. Just talk to the little gnome trapped inside the wall. Buy the gem of the zone you wish to go to (each gem will have the whole name or part of the name of the zone it will port you to) and after you bought the gem, hand it back to the gnomer and he'll set the porter to the left of him to that zone. There will be a message that informs the guild hall (your guild's own personal zone) about the change. And off you go!

These are the zones you can port to:

  • Arcstone - PoR
  • Wall of Slaughter - OoWar
  • Guild Standard - Ports to your guild banner
  • Barindu - GoD
  • Broken Timestone - SoD
  • Dragonscale Hills - SoF
  • Cobalt Scar - Velious
  • Katta Castrum - TBS
  • Goru'kar Mesa - TSS
  • Twilight Sea - Luclin
  • Iceclad - Velious
  • Dreadlands - Kunark
  • Undershore - DoDH
  • Toxxulia - Original
  • Stonebrunt - Original
  • Greater Faydark - Original (go high elfs!)
  • Lavastorm - DoN / Original
  • North Karana - Original
  • The Commonlands - Original


Yes! They are back and not nearly as buggy! They even put new boats in recently with The Buried Sea expansion.

Guild Banner / Campfire

In The Buried Sea SOE introduced guild banners and camp fires. You are required to have PoR in order to build, and port to guild banners and campfires but you are not required to have TBS in order to leach their effects. I know you don’t need TBS to leach banner effects, can you even join a fellowship without TBS?

A Guild Banner requires: an officer to have a banner building kit on them, you need 11 GUILD (not raid) members near each other, the officer can then plant the banner. The banner can gives the guild members in the area different effects depending on the type of banner you bought. For example you might gain 1500 hp, or 1500 mana, or mana preservation effect. Regardless of the type of banner you bought, a guild member has the ability to port to the banner using The Guild Standard shard from the gnome in the wall in The Guild Hall.

A Campfire requires: you to form a Fellowship consisting of at max, 12 players. It also requires you to have at least 3 of those 12 players near by so that someone can build the campfire. To build the campfire they must by items from vendors, the items they by will have varied effects on the buff that is given to all members of the fellowship who are within that area. Regardless of what type of campfire you have, all fellowship members will be able to port to the campfire with a special clicky item they get when they join the fellowship.